Weekly Horoscope: 18 to 24th February 2024 Horoscope, Read on VAMA

Let’s hear the Weekly Horoscope from 18th to 24th february from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev for all.

Weekly Horoscope (18th to 24th February, 2024): In this weekly horoscope, we will know the predictions related to career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, love life. Along with this, we will also get to know the various events that may bring challenges during the week.

This weekly horoscope by VAMA aims to provide true information as well proper guidance to individuals of all zodiac signs. Whether it’s personal, professional or related to other aspects of your life, horoscopes serve as an essential need for decision making for the upcoming days.  

So, let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how the week is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

LEO 2024VIRGO 2024

Aries (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)


This week may bring some problems in the workplace for Aries natives, but there is no indication of any change in your position. For those working as property dealers, this week will be very good for you. You will be able to sell your land and earn good profits. People associated with the business sector will progress in their work. The family situation will be good. Some people may have a wedding celebration in their home. You will focus on and support your children’s education as their exams are approaching.

Status: This week, Aries natives may face certain challenges in their workplace. But there is no clear indication of any significant changes in their professional position. Despite the obstacles, the status seems to be maintained.

Relationships: This week holds significance for couples as they express their affection towards each other. The exchange of gifts and the commitment to fortify their relationship will be better. Aries individuals are expected to enjoy positive and harmonious connections with their partners, contributing to their happiness and a sense of unity.

Career: This week presents favourable conditions for investment. Financial improvements will be there, leading to an increase in overall wealth. Caution is advised for those involved in stock market and commodity market investments, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. However, positive financial growth is expected on the remaining days.

Family: The family environment will be harmonious during this period. Some individuals may experience joyous celebrations related to weddings within the family. Additionally, you have to give full focus and support to children’s education, especially as exams are near.

Health: While Aries natives may experience several positive developments, it is essential not to overlook their health. Prioritising nutritious meals and maintaining overall well-being is essential for strength and vitality. Therefore, it is imperative for them to be particularly mindful of their dietary choices throughout the week.

Taurus (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)


This week, there will be strength in the professional area for Taurus natives. Those looking for a change of location will benefit from new opportunities. In the business sector, it is essential to pay special attention to your employees, as some may be involved in stealing work, adversely affecting the business. Making compromises to improve the family situation is necessary, and giving special attention to your spouse too. Engaging in open communication with your children is advisable.

Status: This week, Taurus individuals can anticipate a surge in strength and stability in their workplace. If there are chances about relocating, it could bring forth new and advantageous opportunities for you, strengthening your reputation.

Relationships:  Love relationships carry a sense of sweetness during this period. Towards the end of the week, planning an outing with your love partner could be a delightful way to spend time together.

Career: This week holds plans for investment in a financial scheme with great success. Consider making fixed deposits as part of your financial strategy. Exploring options to increase your credit limit with the bank could enhance your financial standing or facilitate business expansion.

Family: Taking proactive steps to enhance family dynamics is advised. Prioritise talking to your spouse, and engage in conversations with your children to enhance their confidence.

Health: It’s essential to focus on your health, especially if there’s an increase in your weight. Incorporating exercise and yoga into your routine can contribute to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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Gemini (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)


This week is a time for Gemini natives to adopt new techniques in their workplace. You will meet new people this week who will assist you in the growth of your business. There is an indication of a foreign trip for some work. In the beginning of the week, there might be tension in the family over a certain matter, but everything will be fine by the end of the week. Pay attention to your children and their education. This week, you may need to attend a family event or wedding with relatives. Be sincere while investing in any financial scheme this week, as failure to do so may result in financial loss. 

Status: This week presents an opportunity for Gemini natives to introduce new techniques into their workplace, enhancing their social status. The willingness to adapt and innovate will contribute positively to their professional image.

Relationships: Love sparks might fly alongside friction for Gemini natives this week. While arguments or disagreements with partners are possible, view them as opportunities to deepen understanding between you two. Open communication, empathy, and a willingness to compromise can turn challenges into opportunities for growth in your love life. 

Career: Gemini professionals may find themselves engaged in foreign work this week, indicating a potential boost in their career. It is a period to explore new avenues and expand professional horizons.

Family: The week may commence with family tension over specific matters, but as it progresses, harmony is likely to be restored. Gemini individuals should pay attention to their children’s education, ensuring a supportive environment. Family events or weddings with relatives might demand their presence during this period.

Health: While dealing with various aspects of life, Gemini individuals should prioritise their health. Maintaining a balance between professional and personal commitments is essential to ensure overall well-being. Regular exercise and stress management will contribute to their health and vitality.

Cancer (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)


This week, Cancer natives should maintain harmony with their colleagues in the workplace and avoid unnecessary arguments. People associated with the education sector are likely to experience financial gains, and there will be growth in their business. It is advised not to enter into any new partnerships in business this week. In the family, maintaining harmony will be essential. Support your life partner, and plan for the higher education of your children. Financially, the week looks strong, with an increase in daily income. Your investment in tax-saving plans will yield good returns in the future.

Status: Cancer natives are advised to maintain a harmonious relationship with their colleagues at the workplace, avoiding unnecessary conflicts. This approach will contribute positively to their social status within the professional sphere.

Relationships: Romantic relationships of cancer natives will continue to be sweet, and for some, love affairs may progress into marital commitments. Spending the week in joy with love partners is encouraged to strengthen emotional connections.

Career: For those in the education sector, financial gains and business growth are on the horizon. However, it’s advisable to refrain from initiating new partnerships in business this week. Career progression will come through maintaining a steady and focused approach.

Family: Harmony within the family is emphasised for Cancer individuals this week. Offering support to life partners and planning for the higher education of children will strengthen family bonds. Active involvement in family matters will foster a positive and nurturing environment.

Health: Health concerns, especially for those with heart ailments, require attention. Seeking advice from a specialist is recommended for individuals facing heart-related issues during this period.

Leo (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)

LEO horoscope

This week, Leo individuals will need to work with a high sense of responsibility in their workplace to achieve their goals. Those associated with the financial sector will have a busy week as the number of customers increases. Individuals engaged in business should be particularly cautious this week as there is a possibility of encountering fraud. Peace and harmony will prevail in the family, with all members supporting each other. Some individuals may engage in arguments with their life partners this week. Students preparing for government job exams will be taking exams this week, and they should focus extensively on time management. 

Status: Throughout this week, Leo individuals are urged to approach their professional responsibilities with a heightened sense of duty. The manner in which they navigate their work commitments will play a pivotal role in shaping and elevating their social standing. Dedication, accountability, and efficient task management will be instrumental in garnering recognition and fostering a positive professional reputation.

Relationships: Leo natives can anticipate favourable outcomes in their romantic relationships this week. The support from their love partners will prove instrumental, especially in accomplishing specific goals and fostering a deeper connection. This period may mark significant milestones or achievements within the realm of romantic partnerships.

Career: Leo individuals operating in the financial sector are poised for a surge in business due to an expanding customer base. Those involved in business should exercise heightened vigilance to avoid potential fraudulent activities. Strategic planning, careful decision-making, and maintaining a keen awareness of financial transactions will be crucial in ensuring a secure and prosperous professional journey.

Family: The family atmosphere will provide peace and harmony, with every family member contributing to a supportive environment. Despite this, certain individuals may grapple with disagreements in their spousal relationships. Nurturing open lines of communication and fostering understanding will be essential in addressing and resolving any conflicts within the family unit.

Health: While navigating daily commutes or travels, Leo individuals are advised to exercise caution and adhere strictly to traffic rules. Maintaining a careful approach to vehicle operation and ensuring the availability of all necessary documents will contribute to a safe and hassle-free journey. Prioritising self-care practices and adopting a holistic approach to health will be beneficial during this period.

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Virgo (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24 February, 2024)

VIRGO horoscope

This week will not start off well for Virgo natives, but after Tuesday, they will achieve good success in their professional field. Those working in sales and marketing will accomplish their goals on time. From a business perspective, this week looks promising, as there will be financial growth and expansion in business. It is advisable to avoid family disputes; otherwise, conflicts may worsen. The health of children may be a concern this week, leading to mental distress.

Status: The beginning of the week may not bring positive developments for Virgo individuals in terms of social status. However, as the week progresses, especially after Tuesday, they are expected to achieve significant success in their professional endeavours. This success will likely contribute positively to their social standing and recognition.

Relationships: By sharing meaningful moments with their partners, participating in joyful celebrations, and fortifying their connections, you will infuse sweetness into your love lives. This approach will enable them to cultivate stronger ties and experience heightened happiness.

Career: From a career perspective, the week holds promise for Virgo individuals. There are indications of financial growth and business expansion. It is essential for them to stay focused on their professional goals and seize opportunities that contribute to their career advancement.

Family: It is advisable to steer clear of family disputes during this week to prevent conflicts from worsening. Maintaining a harmonious family environment will be crucial, and Virgo individuals should strive to foster open communication and understanding within the family.

Health: The health of children may be a source of concern, leading to mental distress for Virgo natives. It is important for parents to pay attention to their children’s well-being and address any health issues promptly. Taking preventive measures and seeking medical advice if necessary is recommended.

Libra (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February 2024)

LIBRA horoscope

This week, Libra individuals should maintain a balance in their workplace as their subordinates may have differing opinions. Those involved in the field of music and arts will gain recognition through their artistic endeavours. Individuals running short video platforms or managing their own channels will see an increase in subscribers and views, leading to financial gains. Your posts on social media will receive likes and shares. A joyful atmosphere will prevail in the family, and there are possibilities of purchasing a new vehicle.  Some individuals may find it challenging to communicate with their love partners due to busyness, leading to disturbances in relationships.

Status: This week, Libra natives are advised to maintain balance in their workplace, as subordinates may have differing opinions on certain matters. Those involved in the field of music and arts will gain recognition through their artistic endeavours. People managing short videos or running their own channels will see an increase in subscribers and views, leading to financial gains. Positive engagement on social media is anticipated.

Relationships: Some individuals may find it challenging to communicate with their love partners due to busy schedules, leading to discord in relationships. It is necessary to discuss and talk to your love partner to bring sweetness in your relationship.

Career: Maintaining balance in the workplace is essential for Libra individuals, especially when dealing with subordinates who may have differing opinions. Those in the music and arts industry will garner fame through their creative pursuits. Individuals involved in short videos or managing their own channels will witness growth in subscribers and views, leading to financial gains. 

Family: The family environment will be filled with happiness, and there are plans for acquiring a new vehicle. Deals related to purchasing a new house may also be in the pipeline. Financial improvements are expected, and traders can anticipate good profits. Government employees receiving bill payments will witness enhanced financial stability.

Health: It’s very important to go to the doctor quickly when you feel sick. Taking care of your health by going to the doctor on time helps you stay healthy. Regular check-ups, taking medicine as the doctor says, eating good food, and doing things to stay healthy are all important. Doing these things can help you feel good, stay strong, and avoid getting sick. So, it’s a good idea to go to the doctor and take care of your health to stay strong and happy.

Scorpio (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24 February, 2024)

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th february

This week, Scorpio natives may face challenges and difficulties in their work, making success hard to come by. A project may encounter delays, causing mental stress. In the business sector, the desired success may prove elusive, leading to frustration. The family atmosphere could be tense due to the mother’s health issues, creating stress at home. However, support from family members will be available this week. Your spouse will provide complete support, contributing positively to your well-being.

Status: This week, Scorpio natives might experience challenges in their professional life, potentially impacting their social status. The difficulties at work may create a temporary setback, but the way they handle these challenges will influence how they are perceived by their peers and colleagues.

Relationships: In terms of relationships, the support from family members, especially the spouse, will be a source of strength and positivity. While the family atmosphere might be tense due to health issues, the understanding and support from loved ones will play an essential role in maintaining a healthy relationship environment.

Career: The professional front for Scorpio natives may be marked by challenges and delays this week. Success might be elusive, leading to frustration. It’s essential to navigate these difficulties with resilience and strategic planning to minimize the impact on their career trajectory.

Family: Family dynamics could be under stress, primarily due to the health issues of the mother. Despite the challenges, the availability of support from family members will create a sense of unity and shared responsibility, contributing to a more harmonious family environment.

Health: The mental stress arising from work challenges and family tensions may take a toll on Scorpio natives’ health this week. It is crucial to pay attention to both mental and physical well-being during this period. Seeking emotional support from loved ones can be beneficial in managing overall health.

Sagittarius (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th february

This week, Sagittarius individuals will approach their work with full dedication and focus on time management to achieve their goals. There are plans for business expansion in a new location. Those working in government departments may secure new contracts this week. The family situation is expected to remain normal, with special attention given to the education of children and assistance provided for their exam preparation. Technical issues with household electronic items may cause some trouble. This week, there might be a need to deal with banking matters, including applying for credit cards or loans. 

Status: This week, Sagittarius natives will exhibit heightened alertness towards their work and focus on time management to achieve their goals. Choosing a new location for business expansion is on the horizon. Those working in government departments may secure new contracts, positively impacting their social status.

Relationships: The family situation will remain normal, with special attention given to the education of children. Assisting them in exam preparation will be a priority. Technical issues with household electronics may cause some distress. This week might involve dealing with banking matters, including applying for credit cards or loans.

Career: Sagittarius natives are advised to maintain vigilance and focus on time management in their professional endeavours. Business expansion plans, especially the selection of a new location, are in the cards. Government employees may secure new contracts. 

Family: While the family atmosphere remains generally stable, attention to children’s education is crucial. Technical problems with household electronics might cause problems. Banking transactions, including applying for credit cards or loans, may be necessary this week.

Health: This week, Sagittarius individuals should pay attention to their health, especially controlling anger. Back pain may be a source of discomfort, so it’s essential to take measures to address it. No significant issues are foreseen in romantic relationships.

Capricorn (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th february

This week, Capricorn individuals will wisely channel their energy and achieve success in their endeavours. Those involved in running transportation companies may face distress due to issues with their vehicles. Individuals practising journalism will gain recognition through their news reporting this week. It is advised to communicate politely with your employees to receive full support in your work. Maintaining harmony in the family is your foremost responsibility. Some people may be experiencing problems in their relationships with their spouses, but open communication this week can help resolve conflicts. 

Status: Capricorn natives can expect a positive week in terms of social status. Their wise utilisation of energy and success in various endeavours may enhance their reputation in social circles. However, those engaged in running transportation companies might face challenges and distress due to issues with their vehicles, which could impact their standing.

Relationships: In the realm of relationships, Capricorns are urged to communicate openly and honestly. While the week might bring strained relationships for some individuals with their spouses, effective communication can play a crucial role in resolving conflicts. Overall, the relationship with love partners is predicted to be positive, and some individuals may even enter into marriage during this period.

Career: Career-wise, Capricorns are advised to maintain polite communication with their employees to garner full support. Those in journalism can expect recognition through their news reporting, contributing to career advancement. However, individuals running transportation businesses may face challenges that require careful navigation.

Family: Family unity is highlighted as a primary responsibility for Capricorns this week. While some may encounter challenges in family dynamics, support from family members can be expected. It’s crucial to prioritise family well-being amidst career pursuits.

Health: You may experience headaches and migraines this week. To prevent accidents and ensure health safety, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is strongly advised. Prioritising health and taking preventive measures is crucial for overall well-being.

Aquarius (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th february

This week, Aquarius natives will make new and talented hires for the expansion of their company. Those connected to the computer field will work hard to complete their projects. For professional progress, you will also undertake a journey abroad. At the beginning of the week, there might be tension in the family over a certain matter, but from mid-week onwards, a joyful atmosphere will prevail in the family. The arrival of a relative will bring happiness to the children at home. Certain gains are predicted through family business and property. Financially, there might be some ups and downs. 

Status: This week, Aquarius natives are likely to make new and innovative hires for the expansion of their companies. Those involved in the computer field will put in hard work to complete their projects successfully. The prospect of international travel for business progress is on the horizon, contributing to professional advancement.

Relationships: Some individuals may feel emotional distance in their romantic relationships. It is advised not to rush things and to prioritise mutual understanding and appreciation in their relationships. By valuing their partner’s perspectives, they can foster stronger and more healthy relationships.

Career: Aquarians are poised for professional growth, especially with strategic hires for company expansion. Those in the computer sector will exert extra effort to accomplish their projects. Business travel, potentially international, is foreseen for career advancement.

Family: Family dynamics may encounter some stress at the start of the week, but this is expected to subside, leading to a happy family environment. The arrival of a relative will bring joy to the children. Positive developments are likely in family businesses and property-related matters.

Health: Health concerns may require attention during this period. The increased activity and potential stress from work and family obligations highlight the importance of maintaining self-care practices and seeking medical assistance as necessary to ensure overall health and well-being.

Pisces (Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th February, 2024)

Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th february

This week is starting quite well for Pisces natives. To achieve success in the professional field, you will seek advice from a specialist. If you are searching for a new job, there will be a change in your location, and you might find employment in another city. Progress in business will come through new technologies and advertising mediums. Those involved in road construction may secure new contracts. This week, there will be a significant family event, and weddings for siblings may also be finalised. The arrival of a new member in the family will bring joy. To improve finances, you will work on a new plan. 

Status: The week begins on a positive note for Pisces individuals. Seeking advice from a specialist indicates a proactive approach to enhancing professional standing.

Relationship: Romantic relationships are expected to maintain their sweetness throughout the week. It is necessary to know the opinions of your partner to prevent problems to occur.

Career: Professional success is emphasised, with efforts to seek guidance from a specialist. Those looking for a new job may experience a change in location, possibly finding employment in another city. Progress in business is foreseen through the adoption of new technologies and advertising mediums. Individuals involved in road construction may secure new contracts.

Family: A significant family event is anticipated, bringing joy to the household. Siblings’ weddings may be finalised, adding to the familial celebrations. The arrival of a new family member is expected, further contributing to a positive family atmosphere.

Health: Some individuals may be experiencing low mood, and adopting meditation and yoga is recommended for mental well-being. Reading religious books and chanting mantras are suggested to dispel negative influences and promote overall health.

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