Today’s Horoscope – February 9th, 2024: Read your horoscope on VAMA

Today’s horoscope 9th February 2024: Today is the fourteenth day in the month of Magha. The day is Friday, and the nakshatra is Shravana, the Yoga is Vyatipata, and the Karana is Shakuni until 08:02 AM, after which it changes to Chatushpada (until 06:17 PM) and then to Nag on the next day, at 04:28 AM.

The auspicious time (muhurat) today is from 12:13 PM to 12:35 PM, and the Rahu Kaal is from 11:13 AM to 03:20 PM. The timings are given for New Delhi.

Now let me share with you today’s horoscope, which tells you what to expect from your career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, and your love life. Today’s horoscope also includes any positive or negative events that may occur throughout the day. Along with this, there are remedies or suggestions based on your zodiac sign for today’s horoscope.

So, let’s hear from the well-known astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how today’s horoscope 8th February is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

LEO 2024VIRGO 2024

Today’s Aries Horoscope (9th February 2024)


Status: On this day, Aries natives will have good success at work due to which they will earn good respect. This could lead to an enhancement of their social status, recognition, and respect among colleagues and superiors.

Relationship: It is advised for Aries to avoid actions that go against your relationship, as it may negatively impact the harmony. Your love partner will be very supportive and in a loving mood, fostering a positive atmosphere in your romantic relationship.

Career: Success is on the horizon for Aries in their professional life. Making strategic changes at work will contribute to career advancement and accomplishments. Investing in mutual funds shows a proactive approach to financial stability and growth.

Family: Working against family interests should be avoided to maintain a harmonious family environment. It’s essential to consider the well-being and happiness of family members. Completing tasks and achieving success at work can positively impact the family dynamic.

Health: Aries individuals can expect improvement in their health on this day. This positive change may be a result of successful endeavors at work, reduced stress, and overall well-being. Taking care of your health is crucial for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

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Today’s Lucky Number – 3. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Pink and Blue. 

Today’s Remedy – Place grains on the rooftop for birds; it will bring relief from problems.

Today’s Taurus horoscope (9th February 2024)


Status: Today, individuals with the Taurus zodiac sign may experience positive recognition and admiration from others, enhancing their social status. Your personality and achievements in a new project could contribute to a favorable reputation among peers.

Relationship: Spending the day with your life partner will be fulfilling, bringing joy and happiness to your relationship. Your charming personality may attract someone new into your life, potentially leading to positive connections.

Career: Success is indicated in a new project, reflecting positively on your career. Your efforts and skills will be recognized. Consider investing in the stock market for potential financial gains, indicating a focus on long-term financial well-being.

Family: Positive energy and success in other areas can contribute to a harmonious family atmosphere.

Health: Participation in entertaining activities and the overall positive atmosphere may contribute to good mental and emotional health.

Today’s Lucky Number – 5. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Turquoise. 

Today’s Remedy – Cook a meal for your ancestors today to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to your home.

Today’s Gemini Horoscope (9th February 2024)


Status:  Individuals with the Gemini zodiac sign have the opportunity to enhance their social status today by expanding their business. This can bring recognition and respect from others.

Relationship: It’s important to avoid acting irresponsibly, as it may lead to trouble with your lover. Maintaining a sense of responsibility will contribute to harmonious relationships with your partner.

Career: Hard work will pay off today, leading to financial gains. Focus on your professional endeavors and seize the opportunity for business expansion. This can positively impact your career and financial stability.

Family: Being mindful of your actions within the family is crucial. Irresponsible behavior can create tension and issues at home. Balancing work commitments with family responsibilities is key to maintaining a harmonious family life.

Health: While the day brings success and joy, it’s essential to be cautious about your health in the evening. There may be a decline in well-being, especially concerning stomach-related issues. Pay attention to your health and seek necessary care if needed.

Today’s Lucky Number – 11. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Light Green

Today’s Remedy – To bring peace to your ancestors, place pieces of paneer (cottage cheese) on the rooftop today.

Today’s Cancer Horoscope (9th February 2024)


Status: Changes in management at work may impact your social status. Adapt to these changes, and your ability to handle them positively can contribute to your reputation.

Relationship: Enjoy the positive atmosphere and cherish the time spent with your loved ones. Take your lover out on a date and spend time with them. 

Career: Be cautious with financial decisions; unnecessary borrowing and stock market investments may lead to losses. Focus on managing your responsibilities at work efficiently.

Family: The family environment will be joyful due to the arrival of guests. However, it’s advisable to avoid unnecessary financial burdens to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home.

Health: Take care of your health by avoiding tobacco or cigarette consumption. These habits can have adverse effects on your well-being. 

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Today’s Lucky Number – 18. 

Today’s Lucky Color – White

Today’s Remedy – Light a lamp facing south on the rooftop for peace related to ancestral influences.

Today’s Leo Horoscope (9th February 2024)

Status: Your appointment to a high-ranking position will elevate your social status. Your accomplishment will be recognized, and it will positively impact your image in society.

Relationship: Your partner will be happy due to your success today. Your achievements contribute to a happy and positive atmosphere between you two.

Career: Long-term investments with guaranteed returns are favored today. Focus on strategic financial planning to ensure stability and growth in your career.

Family: Your success will bring happiness to the family. Share your achievements with your loved ones, and celebrate the positive environment at home.

Health: Your well-being is excellent, and your contentment contributes to good health. Enjoy the day with positive energy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s Lucky Number: 17

Today’s Lucky Color: Saffron

Today’s Remedy: Start your day with a bath using Ganga water for positivity.

Today’s Virgo Horoscope (9th February 2024)

Status: Your creative and administrative abilities will elevate your status at the workplace. Your contributions will be recognized, enhancing your social standing.

Relationship: There are chances that you will go out with your partner today. Talk to your lover and make sure there are no problems between you two. 

Career: Utilize your creative and administrative skills to reach new heights in your career. Focus on innovative approaches to stand out in your professional life.

Family: The need for hard work within the family may arise. Your dedication and effort will help overcome challenges and maintain family’s well-being.

Health: Individuals with diabetes or heart conditions should take extra care of their health today. Pay attention to your well-being and follow necessary precautions.

Today’s Lucky Number: 6

Today’s Lucky Color: Green

Today’s Remedy: Add a little cow’s milk to your bathwater during your morning shower for mental peace.

Today’s Libra Horoscope (9th February 2024)

तुला राशि

Status: Focus on implementing plans that have been on your mind for a while. Your actions may positively impact your social standing.

Relationship: Ensure that your actions align with the well-being of your family. Avoid decisions that could have a negative impact on your family life.

Career: Interact with a trading agent who may guide you toward financial gains in your career. Be cautious in financial matters and seek advice when needed.

Family: Prioritize decisions that benefit your family. Steer clear of choices that might negatively affect your family’s interests.

Health: High blood pressure patients should be cautious as stress may affect their health. Take necessary precautions and manage stress effectively.

Today’s Lucky Number: 3

Today’s Lucky Color: Pink

Today’s Remedy: On this day of Amavasya, contribute to providing meals for the underprivileged; it will bring good fortune.

Today’s Scorpio Horoscope (9th February 2024)

SCORPIO horoscope

Status: Overcoming a challenge will positively impact your social status. You will get positive recognition or acknowledgment in social circles today.

Relationship: Spend quality time with your family by going to a shopping mall in the evening. Cherish the memorable moments in your love relationships.

Career: Be cautious in your career today; make informed decisions to ensure stability. Also, do not worry about your course. Study daily and make plans according to it. 

Family: Enjoy a shopping trip with your family in the evening. Strengthen your bond and create beautiful memories. In the evening, you will go to a shopping mall with your family. This implies a family outing or activity, suggesting a positive and enjoyable time spent with family members.

Health: Asthma patients should take measures to avoid pollution. This is a health-related caution, indicating that individuals with asthma need to be careful about their surroundings to prevent any adverse health effects.

Today’s Lucky Number: 2

Today’s Lucky Color: Cream

Today’s Remedy: Distribute kheer (sweet rice pudding) today; it will help alleviate your troubles, and your financial prosperity will increase.

Today’s Sagittarius Horoscope (9th February 2024)

धनु राशि

Status: you will achieve success in your work, and it will enhance your social status. You will be honoured and it will positively affect your mind. 

Relationship: Your love partner will be supportive, providing emotional relief and spreading joy. They will alleviate your mental stress and bring happiness. 

Career: Attain your goals in the professional field; success is on the horizon. You will achieve success in their work and easily attain their goals. This suggests a positive and successful day in terms of career and work-related endeavors.

Family: Children will meet your expectations in their studies, bringing happiness to the family. This implies positive outcomes in the academic achievements of your children, contributing to familial happiness.

Health: Be cautious of throat infections; take precautions to avoid health issues in changing weather.  This is a health-related caution, suggesting the need for care to prevent throat infections, possibly influenced by weather changes.

Today’s Lucky Number: 9

Today’s Lucky Color: Yellow

Today’s Remedy: Clean the entire house today, then take a bath and perform puja (worship) in the temple.

Today’s Capricorn Horoscope (9th February 2024)

मकर राशि

Status: You will face new challenges in the work area, which will enhance your reputation there. 

Relationship: Be cautious, as your anger could create rifts in your loving relationships. This warns about the potential negative impact of anger on your romantic relationships, emphasizing the importance of handling emotions carefully. 

Career: Work-related challenges may arise, prompting the search for new opportunities. Individuals with the Capricorn zodiac sign may face challenges in their work, leading them to seek new opportunities. This suggests a challenging day in terms of career, possibly prompting a reconsideration of current work situations.

Family: To resolve family issues, seek advice from someone trustworthy. This advice suggests seeking external guidance to address and resolve family-related challenges, emphasizing the importance of trustworthy advice.

Health: Including swimming in your daily routine will bring you significant benefits. This implies that incorporating swimming into your daily activities can have positive effects on your health.

Today’s Lucky Number: 7

Today’s Lucky Color: Golden

Today’s Remedy: If facing consistent obstacles in your work, perform rituals for pacifying ancestral influences (Pitru Dosh Shanti).

Today’s Aquarius Horoscope (9th February 2024)

AQUARIUS Horoscope

Status: Success in work with the help of a skilled collaborator. This will lead to an increase in your reputation and people there in your office will congratulate you. 

Relationship: In love relationships, you will attend a party with your love partner. This indicates a positive and social aspect in your romantic relationship, involving a shared social event.

Career: Individuals with the Aquarius zodiac sign will achieve success in their work with the help of a skilled collaborator. This suggests a positive and successful day in terms of work, highlighting the importance of collaboration.

Health: Positive results in weight loss efforts through brisk walking.

Today’s Lucky Number: 15

Today’s Lucky Color: Aquamarine Green

Today’s Remedy: On this day, distribute pakoras (fried snacks) among the poor to alleviate financial troubles.

Today’s Pisces Horoscope (9th February 2024)

Pisces Horoscope

Status: On this particular day, individuals born under the sign of Pisces can expect notable success in their professional endeavors, resulting in the accumulation of considerable respect. 

Relationship: You will go to watch a movie with your girlfriend. This suggests a positive and enjoyable time spent with your romantic partner. Enjoy the evening with them today. 

Career: Individuals with the Pisces zodiac sign will gain knowledge of new technology for their employees. You will train them to acquire this knowledge. This implies a focus on technological advancements in the workplace, with efforts to train and improve the skills of employees.

Family: Children will honor you for working excellently with them in an event. This suggests positive recognition and appreciation from children, possibly related to a collaborative event or project.

Health: There is a possibility of some relief for patients with high blood pressure. This indicates a potential improvement or relief for individuals dealing with high blood pressure.

Today’s Lucky Number: 24

Today’s Lucky Color: Saffron

Today’s Remedy: Perform special worship of Goddess Lakshmi today for financial gains.