Ratha Saptami 2024: Date, Muhurat, and its Significance

Read this blog to know more about Ratha Saptami 2024 date, muhurat, and its significance.

On Ratha Saptami, people praise Lord Surya Dev. He is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Ratha Saptami is also celebrated as Surya Jayanti. This day is known for the birth of God Surya. 

It is believed that keeping fast and praising Lord Surya Dev on this day will clear all your sins. Ratha Saptami has great importance and is also considered a great day for performing charitable activities.

Read this blog to know more about Ratha Saptami 2024 date, muhurat, and its significance.

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Ratha Saptami 2024

Ratha means chariot, and Saptami means the seventh day. People celebrate Ratha Saptami to express their respect for Lord Surya Dev. This festival reminds us of the importance of light in our lives. 

Ratha Saptami 2024

Praising Lord Surya Dev on this day provides peace and spiritual growth in us. Many see it as a good day to ask for blessings for good health, happiness, and success. 

Engaging in morning rituals like bathing, charitable acts, and offering Argh to Suryadev is believed to bring long life, good health, and prosperity. Following this, one should light a Ghee lamp and worship Sun God with Kapoor, Dhup, and red flowers. 

Ratha Saptami 2024 Date

This year, Ratha Saptami is on Friday, 16th February, 2024. It falls in the month of Magha. It falls on the Saptami Tithi, i.e., 7th day during the Shukla Paksha. This is the day which is considered as Surya Grahan and you should do dan-punya activities by giving food and shelter to the needy ones. 

Ratha Saptami Muhurat

The Ratha Saptami begins at 10:12 am on 15th February 2024 and ends at 08:54 AM on 16th February 2024. The  timing for bathing timings (Snan Muhurat) will begin at 05:17 AM and will remain until 06:59 am. 

The total duration for snan muhurat is 1 hour 42 minutes. Civil dawn will be at 06:59 AM. The sunrise time observed during the day will be 06:59 AM. 

Significance of Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami is also known as Arogya Saptami. Taking a bath during this day promotes good health and prevent various ailments. 

Bathing in natural water bodies like rivers is preferred over bathing at home. The Arunodaya period and sunrise time for most cities worldwide will differ. 

After the morning bath, worship Lord Surya during sunrise by offering Arghyadan (water oblation) to Him. Arghyadan involves slowly offering water to Lord Surya from a small Kalash with folded hands in the Namaskar Mudra while facing the Sun in a standing position. 

According to ancient legends, worshipping Lord Surya Dev on this auspicious day grants a unique opportunity for spiritual cleansing, paving the way for a peaceful and joyful existence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ratha Saptami a good day?

It is also known as Surya Jayanti. Ratha Saptami is the day to perform Dan-Punya activities. Therefore it is a great day for everyone. 

What to eat on Ratha Saptami?

Sakkarai Pongal and Vadai are prepared along with coconut, beetle leaves, and banana for neivedhyam as a worship to Lord Surya.

Which God is Ratha Saptami for?

Lord Surya Narayana Swamy is worshipped on this day. 

What can we cook on Ratha Saptami?

On Ratha Sapthami, Pongal is cooked in most of the houses. 

What is the sweet for Ratha Saptami?

Paramannam is the sweet dish famous on this day. It has rice and Jaggery with milk. 

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