What is Ekadashi? Significance, Dates – Everything you need to know about it

Ekadashi fasting is all about purifying the soul, mind and body. Find out more about the legend behind Ekadashi, the proper way to perform the Ekadashi Vrat Puja and the dates of Ekadashi 2024

Ekadashi falls on the 11th lunar day of every shukla paksha and krishna paksha. It majorly follows the worship of Bhagwan Vishnu, the supreme deity of the Universe, by the Vaishnavas. Bhagwan Vishnu endows the person who keeps the Upvas with wealth and prosperity along with other worldly pleasures.

Legend of Ekadashi 

Once a Demon called Murdanav tried to attack Vishnu, while he was in a deep meditation. While he was under attack, a beautiful woman named Ekadashi emerged from his mind. When Murdanav saw her, he immediately told her of his desire to marry her. Using her wits, Ekadashi said that she’ll only marry Murdanav if he defeats her on the battlefield. Murdanav lost the war. When Vishnu woke up, he praised Ekadashi for her valour and said that anyone who fasts on that day is destined to attain Moksh.

Significance of Ekadashi

The significance of Ekadashi was told to Yudhisthir by Bhagwan Vishnu himself. The primary focus of vrat is self discipline. The Upvas helps to not only cleanse the body but also the mind and soul. By fasting, we allow our digestive system to rest, detoxifying our bodies and promoting overall health. During a fast, we gain control over the mind and build resilience. This helps to purify the soul, to attain Moksha and leave the cycle of rebirth and death behind. 

Ekadashi- Ways to do Puja

Ekadashi Vrat Pujan needs to be done in the following steps:

  1. Bath without soap
  2. Sit on an asan
  3. Perform abhishek of Bhagwan Vishnu with milk, curd, honey, ghee and sugar
  4. Perform abhishek with haldi jal
  5. Perform Vishnu bhagwan Puja
  6. Offer tulsidal to Bhagwan Vishnu
  7. Read Vishnu sahastra path
  8. Offer yellow things to Bhagwan Vishnu
Participate in online puja organised by VAMA
(Get the puja done with your name and gotra)
Name of PujaTemple (Place)
Rin Mukti PujaRin Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple (Ujjain)
Mata Kamakhya MahapujaMata Kamakhya Shakti Peeth (Guwahati)
Shani Sade SatiShani Shingnapur Devsthanam ,Maharashtra
Shri Lakshmi Kuber Mahayagya Aur RudrabhishekJageshwar Kuber Mandir,Almora, Uttrakhand
Rahu Grah Shanti PujaJarkutinatheshwar Mahadev Temple,Prayagraj

List of Ekadashi 2024

There are generally 24 Ekadashi’s in a year. The table below describes the ekadashis and when they fall in the year.

Vedic lunar month  Presiding deityKrishna paksha ekadashiShukla paksha ekadashi2024 Dates
Vaisakha ( April–May )Madhusudana (Vishnu)Varuthini EkadashiMohini EkadashiVaruthini Ekadashi:3-4 May

Mohini Ekadashi: 18-19 May
Shravana ( July–August)SridharaKamika EkadashiShravana Putrada EkadashiKamika Ekadashi: 30-31 July
Shravana Putrada Ekadashi: 15-16 August
Phalguna (February–March) Govinda (Krishna)Vijaya EkadashiAmalaki EkadashiVaishnava Vijaya & Vijaya Ekadashi: 6-7 March (4 -5 March in some traditions)
Amalaki Ekadashi: 20-21 March
Pausha (पौष, December–January)Narayana (Vishnu/Krishna)Saphala EkadashiPausha Putrada Ekadashi/Vaikuntha EkadashiSaphala Ekadashi: 7-8 January (11 -12 January in Eastern Traditions)
Pausha Putrada Ekadashi: 20-21 January
Margashirsha(Agrahayana)( November–December)KeshavaUtpanna EkadashiMokshada Ekadashi/Vaikuntha EkadashiUtpanna Ekadashi: 26-27 November
Mokshada & Guruvayur(Vaikuntha) Ekadashi: 11-12 December
Magha ( January–February) Madhava Shattila EkadashiBhaimi Ekadashi / Jaya EkadashiShattila Ekadashi: 5-6 February
Bhaimi/Jaya Ekadashi: 19-20 February
Kartik ( October–November)DamodaraRama EkadashiPrabodhini EkadashiRama Ekadashi: 27-28 October
Devutthana Ekadashi: 11-12 November
Jyeshtha ( May–June) Trivikrama (Vishnu)Apara EkadashiNirjala EkadashiVaishnava Apara & Apara Ekadashi: 2-3 June
Nirjala Ekadashi: 17-18 June
Chaitra ( March–April) Rama/VishnuPapavimocani EkadashiKamada EkadashiPapmochani/Papavimocani Ekadashi: 4-5 April
Kamada Ekadashi: 18-19 April (17-18 April in some traditions)
Bhadrapada(August–September)HrishikeshaAnnada EkadashiParsva EkadashiAja (Annada) Ekadashi: 29-30 August
Parsva Ekadashi: 13-14 September
Ashvina (September–October) PadmanabhaIndra EkadashiPasankusa EkadashiIndira (Indra) Ekadashi: 27-28 September

Papankusha Ekadashi: 13-14 October
Ashada ( June–July) VamanaYogini EkadashiShayani EkadashiYogini Ekadashi: : 1-2 July
Devshayani (Shayani) Ekadashi: 16-17 July (15 -16 July in some traditions)
Adhika month( once in 2–3 years)PurushottamaPadmini Vishuddha EkadashiParama Shuddha Ekadashi
Ekadashi 2024 dates

Ekadashi Special Puja

You can also make use of this day to perform this Ekadashi special Shri Lakshmi Kuber Mahayagya Aur Rudrabhishek in the ancient Jageshwar Kuber Mandir, Almora