Weekly Horoscope: November 26-December 2, 2023

In this week's horoscope (November 26 to December 2, 2023), find out what this week holds for each zodiac sign, and which sign is in a favourable position. Explore the details here.

Weekly Horoscope: November 26 – December 2, 2023: What will this week be like for your zodiac sign? What do the stars have in store for you? What are the upcoming delights or what is it that will hamper your spirits this week?

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Let us delve into the detailed predictions of all zodiac signs in this edition of VAMA’s Weekly Horoscope (November 26 to December 2023).


This week, you’ll make many plans but may not achieve much. There’s a potential for tension with a close friend concerning a certain matter. You’ll play a key role in an event or program. There’s a possibility of going on a trip. People in the field of writing may attempt to publish their books. On Friday, you might have a disagreement with someone, causing mental distress.

Efforts to strengthen relationships will be made this week. While planning to go out, some unforeseen circumstances might lead to the cancellation of the trip. Your love life may face some challenges. For some individuals, there’s a chance of separation in their relationships. You might participate in a celebratory event in a relationship.

This week, you’ll successfully revive business relationships that have been on hold for a while. Consideration for changes in the work field is appropriate, and you may undertake some interviews. There will be a moderate increase in income, respect, position, and prestige. Starting a business partnership this week may not be auspicious. It is a favourable time to begin your career on an online platform;.

Ensure you undergo a diabetes checkup this week. Drive your vehicle with caution as the risk of accidents is higher. Some people may need to consult a neurologist. There’s a possibility of a paralysis attack for some elderly individuals. Physical pain may increase due to health issues. The planetary alignment suggests the possibility of pain in the right ear.


This week, there’s a chance of travel for individuals born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Mental distress may arise over a certain matter. Hospital visits may be necessary on Sunday and Monday due to illness. Be cautious about financial transactions. Before purchasing any property, it’s essential to thoroughly examine the documents; otherwise, there’s a possibility of deception. There might be disagreements within the family regarding family matters involving the spouse.

In the middle of this week, you may experience bitterness in love relationships, leading to disagreements with a third party. On Saturday, you may attend a candlelight dinner party with your beloved. An invitation to participate in a relative’s wedding anniversary or marriage ceremony may arrive. There’s a possibility of foreign travel for those interested in going abroad.

Friday and Saturday will bring you the desired good news. Some individuals may have the opportunity to find a new job. It’s an auspicious week for starting a new business. Especially for those involved in the textile and jewellery business, this week will be profitable.

There may be a lack of enthusiasm towards engagement in religious activities. There’s an opportunity to assist someone in social work. You’ll help a needy person with money and clothes. Those preparing for competitive exams will waste their time explaining things to others, which is your biggest weakness. It’s advisable to strengthen your preparation and pay special attention to time management. Before applying brakes or turning while driving, make sure to check both front and rear to avoid the possibility of an accident.


This week is set to bring various benefits for individuals born under the Gemini zodiac sign. There will be an increase in income, respect, position, and prestige. Luck will support you in multiple ways, and financial gains are possible through various means. Investing in stocks from the banking sector might lead to financial gains. Thursday and Friday will bring you profits in intraday trading.

You’ll be attracted to someone special. You may plan a trip to a desired place or a tourist destination with your lover. With family, it is foreseen that you’ll visit a religious place or meet a spiritual guru. You’ll assist your children with their studies. Discussions with your children’s teachers about their education may take place. Those connected to the media field might consider a job change. Your posts on social media will receive more likes and comments. New subscribers and followers will join your channels and pages.

At the end of the week, you’ll plan to meet a close friend. There will be a meeting with an old ally or someone who has helped you before. In the business realm, you may have to travel. In the professional field, you’ll receive complete support from a female colleague. New responsibilities may come your way. There’s a possibility of purchasing a new vehicle.           


This week, Cancerians are poised for not just strength at the workplace, but also an opportunity to work with a new team. Training new collaborators and getting work done from them will be challenging but rewarding. Mental stress may be prevalent on Wednesday and Thursday, with increased running around. The outcomes may not be as favourable as anticipated. However, Friday and Saturday will be quite positive for you.

You may plan to purchase materials that enhance physical comfort. Individuals associated with the music or dance industry will receive excellent news – their music or dance videos will go viral, bringing them fame and financial gain. Government job holders have the potential for gaining economic benefits. Trading in food commodities will be profitable. Some individuals in the computer field may face job risks.

Understanding weather changes is crucial, and attention should be paid to clothing to avoid catching a cold. It’s a favourable time for those preparing for competitive exams; this week’s preparation will help answer many of your questions. Romantic feelings may develop towards someone older than you. There’s a possibility of taking a loan. The competition in the business sector will increase.


This week, individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign will plan a picnic with their family, heading to a tourist destination. There might be a disagreement with your father over some matter. Avoid arguments with your boss in the workplace. Your colleagues may criticise you, making work challenging for you. Wednesday and Thursday will be more favourable for you, with all your tasks meeting success, and any pending work will be completed.

It’s time to pay the premium for your insurance policy this week. The investments you’ve made before, will yield good profits. You’ll proceed with the registration of a house or land. It’s a favourable time for government contract seekers, as there’s a chance of bagging one. The health of your mother may be a cause for concern. Your children will excel in a competition, bringing honour to you.

Control over substance use is advised, or you may face humiliation. At the beginning of the week, your romantic relationship may be strained, but from Friday, things will improve, and all grievances will be resolved. You’ll celebrate together with a dinner party. Those working in the financial sector will gain new customers. It’s time to purchase a medical policy to cover your family.


This week, individuals born under the Virgo zodiac sign should pay special attention to their attire to avoid comments due to mismatched clothing, which might make you feel uncomfortable. Your luck may be on the weaker side. Be cautious during travel, as there may be difficulties, and your belongings could be at risk of theft. Exercise restraint in speech to avoid arguments and escalating conflicts. It’s a time when you may experience a surge in your courage. You may meet a prominent person.

Support from siblings will be available, and your friends will provide complete assistance. You are planning a partnership business, but it is advised not to engage in a partnership. Some electronic items in the house may malfunction. Disturbing dreams at night may leave your mind unsettled. Tuesday and Wednesday are not suitable for financial transactions, lending, or borrowing.

It’s recommended to undergo a medical check-up, as there is a possibility of some physical discomfort. Some individuals may experience pain in the right ear. Drive cautiously on Sunday, as someone might collide with your vehicle from behind. Maintain sweet relations with your wife and give time to the family. Posting a family photo on social media is indicated. Your tweeted post could set a trend.


This week, individuals born under the zodiac sign of Libra can fulfil their desires due to their magnetic personalities. Your travel will be enjoyable and filled with happiness. Consider buying new clothes this week. You may indulge in purchasing gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. Maintain a sweet tone when speaking with family members. Excessive time spent on mobile phones may lead to increased conflicts within the family. If your children are spending too much time on their mobiles, it may negatively impact their education. Individuals who wear glasses should be careful while playing, as there is a risk of glasses breaking, leading to financial loss.

You can invest in the textile sector for financial strength. Those working in the FMCG sector may consider a job change. It’s an auspicious time for those seeking new jobs; you may find a job in your desired location. The time for career advancement is approaching in your field. Friday is expected to be a particularly favourable day for you.

Your leadership skills will develop, and you will remain active on social media. You will engage in ongoing discussions on burning issues through your YouTube channel and page. Make efforts to eliminate bitterness from your married life. Endeavour to enhance your skills through training or learning from books. To ward off respiratory-related ailments, consider incorporating yoga into your routine.


This week, individuals with the zodiac sign of Scorpio will achieve victory over their enemies, and they will succeed in a legal matter. A longstanding land dispute will be resolved. Mental stress may cause a headache on Tuesday. Challenges may persist due to the influence of Saturn. There is a potential for increased daily income. Maintain harmony with your wife and avoid disputes. There is a possibility of finalising your sister’s wedding, and your family will participate in a relative’s wedding event.

There is a possibility of disputes in a partnership business. Hair loss may occur, and consulting a doctor may be necessary. Financial constraints may prevent you from buying desired items. You might meet new people who could eventually strengthen your business or professional sector. Individuals in the technical field may consider changing their jobs. Health issues may arise for those working under excessive stress.

The difficulties in your romantic relationship will likely be resolved after several days. Some people may transition from a romantic relationship to marriage. Due to your sarcastic language, there may be a conflict with someone on Wednesday. Civil engineers may face specific challenges, and mistakes in their work may result in job loss. Those with heart issues need to pay special attention.


This week, Sagittarius zodiac individuals will engage in activities related to the religious sector with dedication. Due to your wisdom, you will earn respect in society. However, financial loss may occur while helping others. If you insist too much, you may never get the money back, and it might strain relationships. Colleagues in your workplace may develop animosity towards you. It’s essential to listen to your boss; otherwise, you may incur losses. Your adversaries may openly oppose you.

Students need to pay extra attention to their studies as laziness may affect their focus. Children require special attention as they may not perform well in exams. Those preparing for competitive exams are not following their study schedules. Saturday will be a challenging day for government job holders. People associated with the education sector may get a desired posting.

It’s not an auspicious time for investment; financial loss is indicated. Online gaming may also lead to losses. There is a possibility of foreign travel, and business activities may also involve travel. Your eloquence will help you in completing your work. Knee pain may bother you, and getting an ultrasound is advisable. There are issues around the kidneys in the abdominal region that need attention.


This week, individuals born under the Capricorn zodiac can undertake new ventures, join a new job, or plan to collaborate on a project, which can be initiated after Tuesday. Property investment is favourable. Those preparing for government jobs are likely to achieve success. People associated with the legal field will receive new cases, and victory is anticipated in old ones. Those involved in the garment business will experience increased sales and financial gains. New opportunities will arise, and work on new plans will commence. However, some individuals may not secure a project, leading to disappointment in the professional domain.

For female friends, there will be an increase in fortune through relationships. Interactions with lovers will remain sweet, and mutual gifts will be exchanged. A special gift awaits those celebrating their birthdays. Caution is advised while driving; follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. Individuals engaged in agricultural activities will receive fair prices for their crops.

Those involved in gau seva or business related to cow milk will gain both religious merit and financial profit. Trading in organic products will prove highly lucrative. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary disputes to prevent getting involved with the police in vain arguments.


This week, individuals with the zodiac sign of Aquarius will achieve success in all endeavours. Along with the acquisition of wealth, there will be an experience of happiness. There may be concerns on Tuesday due to some matter, and there is also a possibility of humiliation. There is a chance that your father may fall ill, necessitating visits to doctors and hospitals. Engaging in worship and rituals may not be appealing. It is not a suitable time for property deals, and new customers may be difficult to acquire.

Some individuals may fear respiratory infections. If you have been experiencing a fever for several days, it is advisable to undergo a blood test. Maintaining a sweet relationship with your spouse will strengthen your daily income. Those in the computer field may have to work extra hours. Investing in a new plan is recommended for financial stability.

Assistance from a woman may help you secure a new job. Whatever disputes are ongoing in your love life, it seems that the relationship will not break; things will get better Friday onwards. You might expand your business by opening a new branch or a new store. It is advised to exercise restraint in speech and avoid using harsh words.


This week, individuals born under the zodiac sign of Pisces will create new plans, but implementation may face challenges. Those who are not yet married have the possibility of getting married. Colleagues in the workplace will provide support. Someone in your job may be preparing to leave; a domestic worker taking leave for a few days will require you to take on the responsibilities. Don’t worry unnecessarily; your work can succeed. Your father may face stomach-related issues, and it’s a good time to purchase materials that contribute to physical well-being.

There is an opportunity for land acquisition. You can get a home loan or any loan you are considering, approved. You can engage in the buying and selling of FMCG products. Business in restaurants and hotels will be profitable. Playing the stock market wisely will bring financial gains. Travel may be challenging, and there is a possibility of theft, so be cautious. There is a chance of skin diseases and a possibility of a car accident.

You can travel with friends. Those who smoke need to pay special attention to their health. There is a fear of internal diseases. Old loans will be recovered on Thursday. You will enhance your skills. Consulting an orthopaedic doctor may be necessary. Full support from a sister or brother is assured. Diabetic patients should take their medication regularly. There is a possibility of participating in religious practices.

Summing up, this was the weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs from November 26 to December 2, 2023. Stay connected to the VAMA App, for more information on astrology and horoscope. Download the VAMA App.