Weekly Horoscope: December 10 to December 16, 2023

Join us as we unravel VAMA's weekly horoscope with Acharya Anurag Pathak to understand what the week from December 10 to December 16, 2023 has in store for you.

Weekly Horoscope: This week will be crucial for all zodiac signs. While success in exams is anticipated for students born under the Taurus sign, individuals with an Aries sign may find opportunities for financial prosperity and happiness.

Let us delve into VAMA’s weekly horoscope (Saptahik Rashifal) to discover what the week holds for you. For the period from December 10 to December 16, 2023, let’s explore the predictions for all zodiac signs.

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Let us begin with Aries.



This week unfolds as a promising blend of financial opportunities and moments of joy for Aries individuals. The week starts on a positive note, with Sunday ushering in a welcome influx of funds as rent for your property adds to your financial well-being. Moreover, the green light for a potential new vehicle purchase injects a dash of excitement into your material pursuits.

As the week progresses, Aries natives are set to engage in activities that not only enhance their financial standing but also elevate their social status. However, mid-week may bring financial challenges, especially for those facing uncertainties in their jobs. The silver lining in this situation lies in facing challenges with optimism, as by Friday, the clouds are likely to clear, providing solutions and a more stable outlook.

On a cautionary note, astrological advice for the week emphasises to navigate women’s social circles with care to avoid potential humiliations. Professionally, maintaining control over your temper is crucial to steer clear of conflicts, especially with higher-ups, when disagreements may arise. Those immersed in the electronics business might experience a temporary dip in financial profits.

This week’s celestial alignment encourages Aries individuals to seize financial opportunities, navigate challenges with optimism, and balance social interactions with caution. Embracing these insights can lead to a week of growth, stability, and moments of joy.


Embark on a victorious week, Taurus, where triumph over adversaries awaits you. Brace yourself for triumph in any area where you’ve faced opposition. However, family dynamics might hit a rough patch as disagreements over the distribution of ancestral wealth with elder siblings could intensify.

Wednesday brings mental and familial unrest due to disputes over familial assets, stemming from discussions with your spouse regarding in-law perspectives. On a brighter note, a journey with friends or attending a friend’s wedding is on the horizon, reuniting you with old pals, sparking nostalgic conversations, and leaving you feeling content and joyful.

Yet, ongoing familial discord in your younger sister’s household might weigh on your mental peace. Strap in for a week of emotional turbulence on the family front.

For those preparing for competitive exams, success is on the horizon, and a job offer matching your aspirations is likely soon. Meanwhile, self-employed individuals will stay engrossed in their work, considering expanding their staff due to increased workload.

Those in the political arena might face public opposition, while those in business could encounter financial setbacks. Be cautious, as financial dealings among acquaintances may lead to disagreements. Investing in the stock market or mutual funds is predicted to be profitable.

Concerns about your child’s health may cause distress, requiring visits to doctors and hospitals on Wednesday and Thursday. Health issues that have been bothering you are likely to dissipate soon.

The planetary alignment indicates potential liver infections for your spouse, but timely advice and treatment will prove to be effective. Communication and meetings will be enjoyable with the one you love, making this week delightful for romantic endeavours. Your love will remain sweet, and the possibility of deepening your connection looms.

On the social front, a beautiful encounter during a marital celebration event hints at a budding romance. Transitioning from family disputes to personal victories, this week holds a mix of challenges and delightful moments for you, Taurus.


This week opens up avenues for travel, with possibilities of both foreign and domestic journeys on the horizon for Gemini individuals. In matters of love, your relationships are set to deepen, resolving any lingering bitterness. For those involved in business, success awaits in a new direction, infused with fresh energy. However, partnerships in business might face some discord; a heart-to-heart conversation on Friday can help iron out differences, bringing harmony back.

Considerable success is predicted in networking activities, and an old legal case is expected to reach a favourable resolution, bringing you relief. For those contemplating financial assistance to a friend, Tuesday is not the day for transactions; avoid lending money, as it may strain your friendship without the possibility of repayment.

Adjusting to a new work environment might pose a challenge, but with time, you’ll find your footing. Take preventive measures during travel to avoid mental distress – ensure your vehicle is serviced and tires are checked, as breakdowns or punctures could cause inconvenience.

Exercise caution around dogs, as there’s a potential for bites or accidents involving them. Family life may encounter unforeseen events, so stay vigilant. Health-conscious Geminis with diabetes or heart issues should prioritise medication and exercise for a healthier life.

Take special care of your mother’s health, ensuring she gets the rest she needs. Some delays or obstacles in work might lead to frustration, but pushing through challenges is key. Be mindful of your words in marital interactions to maintain peace and avoid unnecessary mental anguish.

For a more serene and joyful life, focus on the positive and refrain from trying to change someone else’s behaviour. Your tendency to overthink can contribute to mental distress; finding joy in simple moments will help ease your mind.


This week brings valuable advice for Cancer individuals to avoid negative karma. Instead, focus on cultivating a sweeter disposition and bringing about positive changes within yourself. Be mindful of a tendency to forget things; try to let go and find mental clarity through practices like yoga and meditation.

In the professional arena, challenges may escalate, leading to a desire for change or a new job. Government employees may face setbacks, and businesspersons could encounter financial losses and unnecessary disputes. Approach decisions calmly, as hasty judgments may not be in your favour.

For those seeking new job opportunities, Saturday could bring success in interviews, offering a chance for a fresh start. However, challenges may persist in business, requiring caution in financial matters and dispute resolution. Avoid unnecessary expenses, and consider finding inner peace amidst mental stress. Women aiming at family planning may struggle in conceiving. However, timely advice from a specialist will be of help.

Students preparing for competitive exams may face challenges in maintaining their focus. In health matters, prioritise mental well-being through yoga and mindfulness, especially if you face challenges related to memory or concentration. Travel with caution to prevent accidents, and be mindful of potential health issues in the family.

In matters of romance and relationships, focus on the positive aspects and avoid trying to change others. Overthinking can contribute to mental distress, so find joy in simple moments. Engaging in activities like parties and outings can enhance your love life. For those involved in a love marriage, there are chances of disputes occurring in their marital life. To avoid conflicts, it is advisable to communicate calmly; otherwise, the situation might escalate to the legal process of separation.

Health-wise, focus on staying physically active to combat issues like back pain or arthritis. For a more serene and joyful life, concentrate on positive thoughts and maintain calm communication in your relationships. Remember that your decisions impact your well-being, so take your time and avoid rushing into choices that may not serve you in the long run.


This week, Leo individuals are advised to be extra cautious during travels, as there is a risk of theft or inconvenience causing mental distress. Family dynamics may show tension among siblings, leading to an atmosphere of conflict at home. Issues between your mother and spouse may add to the overall family disturbance. Focus on your child’s education, and help them prepare for exams or tests. Considerations regarding purchasing property or land may arise. Those living on rent may finally buy their own house.

Socially, this week appears promising. Female friends will bring joy and support, and the weekend offers opportunities for romantic outings and parties. Relationship issues may emerge early in the week, around Tuesday, but are likely to resolve by Saturday, bringing overall harmony.

In the professional realm, collaborate with colleagues rather than getting into disputes, as it may feel like you’re doing more work than others. Consider the assistance your co-workers provide. Avoid contemplating changes in the business sector this week, and job seekers are advised not to rush into a job change. Business-related travel may not yield the expected financial success. Property deals, however, could bring financial gains.

Investments made in the past are proving profitable, but online platforms may not be as lucrative this week. Analyse company data in meetings with your boss. Health-wise, guard against colds, as there is a possibility of falling ill. Improvement in health is likely by Friday.

Political individuals may engage in meetings with voters to improve relations and address public concerns. Unnecessary worries can heighten mental anguish, so effective communication will be the key to resolving various issues.

In summary, Leo should maintain a cautious approach during travels, address family conflicts with understanding, and focus on positive communication to navigate professional and personal challenges. The weekend brings opportunities for socialising and romantic moments.


This week holds promising financial gains and business collaboration for Virgo individuals through the support of friends. Sunday brings the prospect of enjoying a meal without rice or participating in a special dinner party. Monday is ideal for shopping, acquiring new clothing, and reconnecting with old relatives. Changes in romantic relationships may occur through online communication, such as exchanging phone numbers.

The health of your spouse might be a cause for concern, and children will bring pride through their achievements. Parents will remain joyful, and overall family happiness is indicated. Be cautious about government notices, and avoid conflicts with politically influential individuals to prevent legal troubles.

For those in business, this is a favourable time. Authors may unveil a new book, leading to financial gains through royalties. Government job holders are advised not to misuse their positions. Profits are expected through share trading, and investments in the education sector will strengthen financial stability. New business plans will contribute to progress, and commodity trading will yield certain gains. Investing in the currency trading or banking sector will provide significant financial benefits.

Those involved in partnerships are advised to avoid unnecessary conflicts, as mutual understanding will be key to resolving issues. Online platforms, including channels, short videos, and Facebook pages, will experience growth in followers and financial gains.

On the health front, relief from eye problems is indicated, and weak eyesight can be addressed with glasses. Skin issues that persisted for days will show improvement, and those suffering from piles should focus on dietary changes for relief. Ayurvedic treatment will provide better results.

Virgo, your advice may benefit others, but it might not be personally advantageous. Transition smoothly through the week, and focus on the positive aspects of your personal and professional life.


This week promises joy and fulfilment for Libra individuals. Auspicious family events, including long-awaited marriages, are on the horizon. Your eloquence will play a pivotal role in various aspects of your life, contributing to stronger connections. It is advisable to steer clear of unnecessary arguments. Encounters with influential personalities will leave you elated and proud.

A sweet encounter with a significant person might lead to increased recognition, with Facebook posts garnering more likes and comments. However, you might feel fatigued on Wednesday, questioning the progress of your efforts. The latter part of the week, starting from Saturday, will see a resurgence of energy and activity.

In family matters, the entry of a new member, possibly a son or daughter, is indicated. Keep an eye on your spouse’s health as weight gain could pose health risks. Resolving long-pending legal matters through compromise is a possibility, so stay attentive to your character to avoid potential accusations.

Marital relationships may take a romantic turn, with outings to parks or tourist destinations. Attendance at family gatherings and late-night return trips home are on the cards.

Avoid job changes this week, as success is predicted in your current role. Smoking might negatively impact your health, and bone-related ailments could cause physical discomfort. Regular exercise focused on bone health will be beneficial. Superiors at work will support you, potentially leading to salary increments or promotions.

Maintain a positive outlook, Libra, and navigate through the week with grace.


This week may seem like a challenging puzzle for Scorpio individuals, with disruptions in daily life, even affecting meal schedules. Disagreements with friends may arise, and a family outing might be on the horizon. Emotional distress could peak on Sunday, making it a mentally taxing day. However, recognition and honour await you in social or marital events on Monday. Be cautious about anger, as disputes among family members may escalate.

A thoughtful gift is expected on Tuesday, enhancing your personality development. Despite some challenges, you may recover a previously lent amount. However, challenges in children’s education and dissatisfaction in farming ventures are foreseen. Government employees should be wary of potential suspensions.

In matters of love, a visit to a romantic restaurant with your partner is anticipated, but be mindful of potential conflicts arising from third-party involvement. The week ends with a late-night return from a familial or marital gathering on Saturday.

For business-minded Scorpios, plans for expansion may face obstacles, and networking ventures might not yield the expected results. It is advisable to consult an astrologer before implementing major changes. Those engaged in manual work may experience financial gains.

Health concerns may arise, with migraines and hair loss issues. Mental distress could lead to an increase in hair fall, which might affect your overall well-being. Financially, avoid investing in risky schemes, and take precautions against potential losses.

Chronic migraine issues may contribute to mental distress. Hair fall due to excessive thinking needs attention, as it may affect your appearance and potentially impact marriage proposals.

Ensure a harmonious family environment by honouring and respecting your wife, as her discontent could lead to financial difficulties. It’s crucial to keep everyone’s happiness in mind to maintain a healthy household.

Navigate this week with caution, Scorpio, and focus on maintaining emotional balance to overcome challenges successfully.


This week marks the beginning of financial gains and recognition for Sagittarius individuals. Anticipate resolutions to long-standing issues and the settlement of an old debt, affecting your credit positively. Your upcoming journey holds success, strengthening connections with new people. Endeavour to check the status of your pending legal matters with your lawyer. A visit to your village and assessing agricultural yields can lead to profitable sales of crops like wheat or rice.

Your engagement in others’ concerns, providing support and companionship, showcases your compassionate nature. Prior engagements missed due to time constraints will be fulfilled this week. With strong familial bonds, you’ll find the support needed to address and overcome challenges, showcasing your ability to find solutions through effective communication and behaviour.

The week ahead keeps you busy as the pressure to complete a project mounts. Computer-related professionals facing challenges will find relief from Thursday onwards. Success is on the horizon in business, with your innovative approaches yielding positive results. Your long-awaited plans are set to materialise this week.

However, due to children-related concerns, mental stress may persist. Extra effort is required in exam preparation as your readiness may not be sufficient. Your mother’s health demands attention, prompting you to seek medical advice. Your wife may experience mental distress due to children’s behaviour. Planning a structured schedule becomes essential for efficient work management.

Your personal habits, specifically regarding substance use, need correction; otherwise, it could adversely impact your social standing, as well as physical and spiritual well-being.

In conclusion, Sagittarius natives are in for a week filled with financial prosperity, family bonding, and successful endeavours. Embrace the opportunities and tackle challenges with your characteristic enthusiasm.


This week will unfold various opportunities for Capricorn individuals, allowing you to perform your tasks efficiently. With the support of your father, your business will strengthen, placing you in a more robust position. Those tasks that you were unable to accomplish due to a lack of funds will find support from helpful individuals this week, providing you financial assistance. Participating in religious events or satsangs is on the cards for you. It’s advised not to rush; take things patiently, as family decisions should be made with the advice of all members. Be mindful of your words, as they may be affecting your relationships negatively.

There is a potential for overseas travel in the pipeline. You might take a leadership role in a meeting related to some business activity or office. Romantic feelings are growing towards someone in your professional circle, hinting at a change in your relationships.

If you are contemplating a job change, this week will offer good opportunities, bringing you a new position with a better package. Your investment in the share market will strengthen your financial position. Investing in future stocks or options has the potential to give higher returns with lower costs. Monday is favourable for an investment in certain stocks. Investing in the textile and education sectors will prove beneficial. Students preparing for competitive exams are advised to focus on their studies rather than giving advice to others, which may not be suitable for their competition.

There will be improvements in your health, and you will feel healthy and energetic. The family will remain healthy and happy. This week, you will participate in a wedding celebration, including family and relatives. Those facing unnecessary troubles should seek remedies for planetary influences from a good astrologer, ensuring relief from physical and mental distress.

In conclusion, Capricorn natives are in for a dynamic week, marked by financial gains, family celebrations, and positive health outcomes. Approach decisions collaboratively, stay cautious in communication, and seize the opportunities that come your way.


This week, there is a possibility for Aquarius natives to meet someone famous. You will experience joy and the fulfillment of your desires. Maintain a sweet relationship with your younger family members, as not doing so may hinder your progress. Those working in the military or police will achieve special success in their work this week, earning them government recognition in the future. The work that you have been struggling with for the past few days will become easy on Wednesday, and you will feel honored. Avoid sharing your plans with anyone; otherwise, your ongoing work may be disrupted. If you are in a strong relationship with someone, there is a possibility of bitterness on Friday, so clarify the matter.

You have a government contract, but due to not being able to complete it on time, you will remain disturbed. Property-related work will bring financial gains to those working in this field, such as through the sale of a plot or house, resulting in a commission. If you are planning to launch a website, this week is suitable for you. Regular income will be strong, and you will be able to prove yourself in your field. If you have been trying for a transfer for a long time, you will get a transfer to your desired location this week.

Some individuals are facing health-related issues due to Saturn’s Sade Sati; they should perform Vedic remedies for Saturn to alleviate physical and mental distress. Those involved in online business are doing well, and they will achieve good success this week. Your Facebook or tweeted article will be liked by many well-known personalities.


This week holds the promise of benevolence for Pisces individuals as they extend their helping hand to the less fortunate through clothing and food donations. Spiritual merit awaits those engaging in religious practices conducted by a qualified Brahmin. A family pilgrimage to a religious site is also in the stars, though Sunday may bring moments of distress due to a disagreement.

The positive tide begins from Monday onward, with business ventures showing progress. Your impactful words and eagerly awaited online posts motivate and offer spiritual insights. A task long in the works for a particular office is likely to reach fruition on Tuesday.

Considerable business progress is expected, prompting thoughts of taking a loan to fuel expansion plans. Loans for children’s higher education are also under consideration, though borrowing from friends may strain relationships, and alternative financial avenues should be explored.

For those contemplating a sea voyage, the stars align favorably this week. Employees in the financial sector are poised to meet targets and attract new clients. Exercise caution during online transactions to avoid fraud, and be wary of investment schemes presented through text messages that could lead to financial loss. Do not invest in any scheme through your mobile; otherwise, you may get trapped in fraud, and your account may be emptied. Plans to entrap you through messages are being devised, so stay vigilant. People working in high or important positions may fall prey to a honey trap, so they should exercise special caution.

Health concerns for your father, especially related to blood pressure, may arise. Stay vigilant against scams, as individuals in high positions may become targets. Some Pisceans may face challenges due to Saturn’s influence as a result of Sade sati; therefore, adopting religious practices can bring solace and spiritual merit. Encourage children to pursue commercial education for a more promising career.

Summing up, this was the weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs from December 10 to December 16, 2023. Stay connected to the VAMA App, for more information on astrology and horoscope. Download the VAMA App.