Weekly Horoscope: 23 to 29 June 2024

So, let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how the week is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024: In this weekly horoscope, we will know the predictions related to career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, love life. Along with this, we will also get to know the various events that may bring challenges during the week.

This weekly horoscope by VAMA aims to provide true information as well proper guidance to individuals of all zodiac signs. Whether it’s personal, professional or related to other aspects of your life, horoscopes serve as an essential need for decision making for the upcoming days.  

How will the year 2024 be for all of you? Read on VAMA, the annual horoscope for 2024.

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So, let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how the weekly horoscope is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, pressure from seniors at work will put you under unnecessary stress. Feelings of jealousy will create some problems at home. This week, you will grow with your family. Be careful, you will also have to face some kings during travel. 

Many competitions will be organised for students this week. You should work harder in studies.  Unexpected increase in your expenses will unbalance your budget. Do not take backup of money on Friday and Saturday or invest it somewhere, otherwise the money will get stuck. 

Sharing good times with your love partner will lead to mental progress in your love. Some people are seen suffering from blood pressure disease. Your feeling of restlessness can bother you. To avoid this, it is better to adopt positive thinking. This week, there is a strong possibility of fulfilling a secret personal wish.

Taurus Today's Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, the problems faced by businessmen in partnership will be cured from Monday. Whatever was wrong, everything has gone away. There is a possibility of many people going abroad. Out of which some people will go for a trip and some will go for work. There will be a family opportunity to attend any function. Students will forget some questions while giving the exam. 

Therefore, try to overcome this deficiency in advance. You are bringing the desired car for yourself. Do not get land projects done or invest in land. You will talk to your love partner through mobile chat, video call and audio call, the mind will be very happy. 

To stay healthy, you should walk more and participate in sports activities. You will be successful in giving concrete shape to new ideas on the personal front. 

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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week is going very well for implementing new business plans. This week you will be honoured for completing a successful project. Do consult your parents regarding your new facilities and plans. The support of your wife will fulfil many of your wishes. 

Students preparing for competition will discuss many topics from their special subject to gain knowledge. Lucky stars will help you achieve financial prosperity. Misunderstandings in a love relationship Do not talk about all topics with your love partner. 

Keep in mind that some people will fall unconscious due to heat. While talking to a man or woman in social gatherings, you have to choose your words carefully.

Cancer Today's Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week you will be able to do the strongest and most impressive work for yourself. Success in completing business tasks will open the doors to new opportunities. Those who were opposing you till now, don’t care about them this week and you will conquer everyone. 

Spending some pleasant time with children will bring happiness. Students studying should study on their timetable, so that they do not dominate them. You are likely to suffer some financial loss as you will spend your hard-earned money on other people’s things. Trusting intuition in love and following emotions honestly will take you on the right path. 

Too much anxiety and stressful mental troubles cause trouble for some people. It would be better to maintain mental speed to enjoy mental peace. Performing any religious ritual will be of immense benefit.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, people travelling abroad will enjoy a different kind of experience. People associated with the judicial sector will be busy with their work. Many new files would have been seen. Due to which the financial side will also be strong. 

Keeping in mind the advice of parents, there may be a crack in happiness with them. Students preparing for competitive exams will work hard to prepare for their upcoming exams. This week, you will have to be very careful in financial transactions like lending money or taking loans, so do not fall prey to fraud. 

Sweetness will remain in your love relationship. No change of any kind is seen in your love relationship. People suffering from high cholesterol will have to take special care of their food and drink. There seems to be some kind of dispute with close friends. 

Virgo Today's Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week some people will try to sabotage their plans. From a business point of view, this week is going to be very good. Keep in mind that bringing family problems in front of everyone will defame you. The arrival of animals will put some financial burden. 

Students will be very grateful for their career. This week is very good for investing in the stock market. You will be able to earn money in both ways by selling and purchasing the drive. 

Do not do unnecessary work in your love relationship, otherwise your love partner will get angry and there will be a rift in the love relationship. Meditation and yoga will prove beneficial for health. This week you will have the power to stay ahead of others.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week you will easily handle difficult situations while managing subordinates at the workplace. You will have to face some problems in business. Do not make any plans that are very important on Monday and Tuesday, otherwise it will not be successful. 

Understanding the feelings of parents and seeing things from their perspective will help you get positive results. While giving a test, you will get confused on some topic. This week property dealers will earn profit by selling property. 

The feeling of admiration and respect towards the qualities of a special person will help the flower of love bloom in your life. Charity work done will give mental peace and comfort. Improvement in personality along with bold initiatives will help you make steady progress.

Scorpio Today's Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, positive thinking will be the key to success at the workplace. Businessmen are seen facing financial problems. Some obstacles will arise in the ongoing project. Working against the interests of the family will spoil the harmonious domestic atmosphere. 

Keep in mind that your studies will be spoiled by the company of evil people. This week you will see an increase in your bank balance. Some people’s valuables are seen getting damaged or breaking due to falling. 

Your love partner will be successful in filling your senses with the sweet fragrance of happiness and love. Your positive attitude will keep you fit as well as influence the people around you. Expressing disagreement publicly with influential people will harm you in the long run.

Sagittarius Today's Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, insiders at the workplace will definitely try to harm your reputation but will not be successful. You will promote your business for its progress. Due to which you will be able to connect with new clients. Never ignore your spouse, respect his words or else the atmosphere at home will be spoiled. 

Students studying should not get angry or else it will have a bad effect on their studies. This week you will have to pay mobile, house tax, water tax and internet bills, which will increase the financial burden. 

You need to be practical and realistic on the love path. Unexpected travel will tire you. So do not forget to massage your body to relax your muscles. Take some time to socialise with your people.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week you will be able to progress in your work with the help of someone. Government doctors are seen getting transferred to another city. House construction companies are seen getting new contracts. This week construction work will go on at a fast pace. 

You are advised that you should spend time with family members and talk to them. Whatever you study this week, that question will definitely come in your exam. Before investing in the stock market, definitely listen to the advice of a financial advisor. 

This week you will be very worried due to the ill health of your love partner. Patients suffering from partial spinal injury will have to take treadmill training. Some people will suffer from skin disease. You will achieve success on the personal front with hard work.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week, seniors will be ready to help you at the workplace. You will hold a director’s meeting in your company and pass some new proposal. Working class people will try to increase their daily income. Competition will increase in business. You will get full support of the elder brother in the family. 

He will also help you financially. You will have to fill out some form for a competitive exam this week. You need to make a new budget and also curb unnecessary expenses to balance it. Your failure to understand the feelings of your lover will create obstacles in developing a better relationship. 

Choose traditional weight loss methods to get rid of your obesity problem. This week you have to keep in mind that blindly following others will harm your interests.

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 June 2024

This week you will be able to bear a lot of work pressure without feeling any discomfort. Sales of electronic goods will be affected. The economic benefits of people associated with this business will decrease. By taking family problems lightly, you will be able to find solutions. 

Students preparing for competitive exams are seen to be successful in some exams this week. With the advice of an expert, you will make profits from the stock market. You will get a golden experience of love. Your lover will help you. 

This week, there is a possibility of some trouble due to hasty decisions. So think calmly before taking any decision. This week, review your behaviour with your friends. Some people will be very troubled due to joint and knee pain.

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