Today’s Horoscope – 12th February, 2024: Read your horoscope on VAMA

Today’s horoscope 12th February 2024:Today is the third day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Magha.  It’s Monday, and the nakshatra is Uttarabhadrapada, with the yoga being Siddha, and the Karana being Taitula. Additionally, the auspicious time today, known as ‘muhurat,’ is from 12:12 PM to 12:58 PM, while the inauspicious period, ‘Rahukal,’ is from 08:27 AM to 09:50 AM.

Now, let me share with you today’s horoscope, which predicts how your day will be in terms of your career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, and your love life. Today’s horoscope also includes any fortunate or unfortunate events that may occur throughout the day. Along with this, there are remedies or suggestions based on your zodiac sign for today’s horoscope.

So, let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how today’s horoscope 12th February is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

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Today’s Aries Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, people born under the sign of Aries will get new responsibilities at work. They might also try something new in business and find new ways to earn money. There’s a chance of attending a family event in the evening. Financial conditions will improve. They will have a long conversation with their love partner on the phone. They will stay away from bad habits and bad company. This will pave the way for success in their lives.

Status: Today, Aries people may receive new responsibilities at work, which could boost their social status. Trying something new in business might also enhance their reputation among peers.

Relationship: Aries individuals may have a long conversation with their love partner over the phone today. This could strengthen their relationship and deepen their bond.

Career: New opportunities may arise in Aries’ career today as they take on new responsibilities at work. They might also explore new ventures in business, leading to increased success and recognition.

Family: There’s a chance of attending a family event in the evening for Aries individuals. Spending time with family could bring joy and strengthen family bonds.

Health: By staying away from bad habits and negative company, Aries individuals can prioritize their health and well-being. This positive choice may pave the way for a healthier lifestyle and overall success in life.

Today’s Lucky number: 7

Today’s Lucky color: Pink

Today’s Remedy: Wearing a white sandalwood Mala will stop the extra expenses. 

Today’s Taurus Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Taurus people will get a chance to work with many people. Your family responsibilities will increase, so don’t ignore them and fulfill your duties properly. Today, your shares will give you good returns. If you have also invested in the commodity market, you will also get profit from there. You will get emotional support from your love partner, which will increase your love. It will be in your best interest to keep yourself stress-free.

Status: Today, people born under the sign of Taurus will have the opportunity to work with many people. This could improve their social status and reputation among others.

Relationship: Taurus individuals may receive emotional support from their love partners today. It will strengthen their relationship and lead to growth in their love life.

Career: There will be an opportunity for Taurus individuals to get more career advancements. Make sure you manage your studies and extracurricular activities in a proper manner.

Family: Today, Taurus individuals may find themselves facing increased family responsibilities alongside their professional duties. These could range from caring for family members to handling household chores or other familial obligations. 

Health: Keeping oneself stress-free will be beneficial for Taurus individuals today. It will help them maintain their well-being and overall health.

Today’s Lucky Number – 17. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Cream. 

Today’s Remedy – Make dough balls of flour and feed them to the cow along with chickpeas, jaggery and turmeric. Your mind will be peaceful and positive, and others will also listen to you.

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Today’s Gemini Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Gemini natives will be very upset about something at work. Even the work that is being done will get spoiled. Do not enter into new contracts in business today. You will gift your parents something today. You will get the support of all the members in the family. The electronic goods in the house will be damaged. The support and meeting of your love partner will add to the happiness of your love life. You will win over your enemies. Drive the vehicle carefully, otherwise your clothes will torn due to the accident.

Status: Today, Gemini individuals might face challenges at work, which could affect their social status. It’s important to handle these difficulties calmly and seek support from colleagues if needed to maintain a positive reputation in the workplace.

Relationship: Gemini individuals can expect to receive support and motivation from their love partner today. This support can contribute to the happiness and strength of their relationship. By communicating openly and sharing experiences, they can deepen their bond and create lasting memories together.

Career: Today, Gemini individuals may face disruptions or difficulties in their professional career. This could be due to unexpected problems or issues arising at work, leading to frustration and disappointment. It’s advisable to avoid entering into new contracts or agreements in business today to prevent further complications.

Family: Gemini individuals may experience unexpected expenses or challenges related to electronic goods in their household today. This could include appliances malfunctioning or needing repairs, leading to disruptions in daily routines. 

Health: Gemini individuals are advised to be cautious while driving today to avoid accidents. Careless driving could result in accidents, potentially causing injuries or damage to property. Taking necessary precautions and following traffic rules will help ensure their safety and well-being.

Today’s Lucky Number – 5

Today’s Lucky Color – Green

Today’s Remedy –  Plant fruit-bearing plants and serve them, there will be economic growth.

Today’s Cancer Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Cancer natives should not argue with their business partner, otherwise the situations might get worse. Today is the right time for people associated with the FMCG sector to think about job change. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house when a brother or sister gets a government job in the family. The financial situation will improve and the daily income will also increase. Do not use harsh words with your love partner in your love life, otherwise there is a possibility of separation in the relationship. Meditation and yoga will help you get rid of mental stress.

Status: For Cancer natives, it’s important to avoid arguments with their business partners today to maintain their social status. Arguments could damage connections, especially if they are business partners. Resolving conflicts calmly and respectfully will help preserve their reputation.

Relationship: In relationships, Cancer natives should be mindful of their words and actions, particularly with their love partners. Using harsh words can lead to misunderstandings and separation. It’s essential to communicate openly and kindly to nurture a healthy and lasting relationship.

Career: Today presents an opportunity for individuals in the FMCG sector to consider a job change. Exploring new career opportunities could lead to growth and advancement in their professional lives. It’s important to consider options carefully and make informed decisions about career transitions.

Family: The family atmosphere will be filled with joy if a sibling secures a government job. This achievement brings happiness and pride to the entire family, fostering a positive environment at home. Additionally, the financial situation is likely to improve, leading to increased daily income and stability for the family.

Health: To cope with mental stress, Cancer natives can benefit from practicing meditation and yoga. These activities help relax the mind and body, promoting mental well-being and reducing stress levels. Taking time for self-care and mindfulness can lead to improved overall health and happiness.

Today’s Lucky Number – 22. 

Today’s Lucky Color – White. 

Today’s Remedy – Chant the Navarna mantra to remove any kind of negativity.

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Today’s Leo Horoscope (12th February 2024)

LEO horoscope

Today will be a day of change for Leo people in the workplace. You will get new opportunities, which may also lead to a job change. Problems related to your marriage will be resolved as family members will help you. Investing in the stock market will be a factor of wealth growth for you. Young couples will be happy in their love life. Stop smoking as it is affecting your health. Today you will be honored socially.

Status: Today, Leo individuals can expect to receive social recognition and honor. This praise may come from colleagues, or community members, boosting your social status and reputation. Contributions and achievements can enhance a person’s social standing.

Relationship: Family members will support Leos today and help them fix their marriage. This support strengthens the bond between partners and promotes harmony in relationships. Open communication and mutual understanding contributes to a happier and healthier love life for young couples.

Career: Leo individuals may find new opportunities in the workplace today, indicating a day of change and job advancements. Accepting these changes with positivity and a flexible approach can lead to success in their career goals.

Family: Family members will play a supportive role in resolving marital obstacles for Leo individuals today. Their assistance helps create a positive and harmonious family environment, encouraging mutual respect and understanding. 

Health: Leo individuals are advised to take care of their health by quitting smoking today. Smoking negatively impacts health and well-being, increasing the risk of various health conditions. 

Today’s Lucky Number – 6. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Light Red

Today’s Remedy – Do not swear false oaths, as it will delay your progress.

Today’s Virgo Horoscope (12th February 2024)

VIRGO horoscope

Today, Virgos will be worried about something old. There will be a disagreement with a colleague at the workplace. You will correct your children for not paying attention to their studies, which will create a tense atmosphere in the house. You will start the construction work of your house. Today you can apply for a loan from the bank. You will also get money from online games. You will be protected from enemies and diseases.

Status: Today, Virgos might feel concerned about something from the past. This worry could affect their social status if it’s visible to others. It’s important for them to address any concerns calmly and privately to maintain a positive reputation among their colleagues.

Relationship: There are chances of going out on a date today. Dont forget to give some gifts to your lover when you meet them. 

Career: Makes ure to give your best in your work. Dont be worried, and do everything with full dedication. 

Family: Spend time with your family. Talk to your family members in order to maintain good connections with them. Show your love and care for your family. Make them feel special and valued.

Health: Virgos will be protected from enemies and diseases today. However, it’s essential for them to prioritize their health by practicing good hygiene habits, eating nutritious meals, and getting enough rest. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps strengthen the immune system and they will get rid of illnesses.

Today’s Lucky Number – 3. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Orange

Today’s Remedy – Bow your head in front of temples in order to gain God’s blessings.

Today’s Libra Horoscope (12th February 2024)

LIBRA horoscope

Today, Libras should strengthen their relationship with their bosses. Keep sweet relations with your parents, you are likely to get financial help from them. You have to be careful, a precious object may be lost or may break by falling from your hand. Today you have to be sincere while investing in the stock market or commodity market, as there is a possibility of financial loss. You will not even realize the time with your love partner today and you will forget to do some important work.

Status: Today, Libras should focus on strengthening their relationship with their managers. Maintaining positive interactions and showing respect towards seniors can enhance their social status and reputation in the workplace.

Relationship: Libras may find themselves engrossed in spending quality time with their love partner today. However, this distraction could cause them to forget about important tasks or responsibilities. 

Career: Libras need to be careful today, as there is a risk of losing or breaking a precious object. This mishap could potentially disrupt their work or daily routine. 

Family: Keep sweet relations with your parents, you are likely to get financial help from them. This is a good time to spend time with your family and friends.

Health: Overall, Libras should prioritize their health and well-being today. This includes maintaining a balanced lifestyle, getting enough rest, and staying hydrated. Taking care of their physical and mental health ensures they can navigate through the day with energy and vitality.

Today’s Lucky Number – 9. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Cream

Today’s Remedy – One should grind red sandalwood early in the morning and mix it in water to bathe, its effect will increase.

Today’s Scorpio Horoscope (12th February 2024)

SCORPIO horoscope

Today, Scorpios will sign a contract with a company that promises good quality in business. You will consult a doctor today regarding the health of your mother or father. Even a little carelessness today will prove to be harmful for you. You will gain money from foreign relations today. Today you will convince your love partner with very loving words and you both will go for a walk. You will have to meet an ENT doctor.

Status: Today, Scorpios will make a significant move in their career by signing a contract with a company known for its good quality in business. This action will enhance their social status and reputation in professional circles.

Relationship: Scorpios will express their love and affection towards their partners today with kind words and gestures, leading to a pleasant outing together. This strengthens their relationship and fosters a deeper connection with their love partner.

Career: Scorpios need to be cautious today as even a little carelessness could prove harmful. It’s important for them to pay attention to details and avoid making hasty decisions in their professional endeavors to ensure success and avoid setbacks.

Family: Scorpios will show care and concern for their family members’ health by consulting a doctor regarding the health of their mother or father today. This act of love strengthens their bond with family members and fosters a supportive family environment.

Health: Scorpios should visit an ENT doctor today in order to maintain good health and address any health concerns as quickly as possible. Seeking medical advice and treatment when needed ensures their well-being and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s Lucky Number – 4. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Pink

Today’s Remedy – Chant durga Chalisa in order to ger rid of your problems. 

Today’s Sagittarius Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Sagittarius people will experience peace of mind and help people with positivity at the workplace. The health of the mother in the family will be a cause of stress. The financial condition will be good, there will be many sources of income. You will feel happy in your love life, only you have to take care that you respect the wishes of your love partner. Some people will have to undergo surgery due to cataract.

Status: Today, Sagittarius individuals will spread positivity and peace of mind in their workplace. By helping others and maintaining a positive attitude, they enhance their social status and earn respect from colleagues and superiors.

Relationship: In their love life, Sagittarius individuals will find happiness and joy. However, it’s essential for them to respect the wishes and boundaries of their love partner to maintain a healthy relationship and deepen their bond.

Career: Sagittarius individuals will enjoy a stable condition with multiple sources of income. This financial stability allows them to pursue their career goals with confidence and invest in their future projects.

Family: Sagittarius individuals may experience stress regarding the health of their mother in the family. This concern highlights the importance of family relationships and highlights the need for support and care during challenging times.

Health: Some individuals may need to undergo surgery due to cataracts, showing the importance of prioritising health and seeking medical treatment when necessary. Taking proactive steps to address health concerns ensures overall well-being and fitness.

Today’s Lucky Number – 17. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Saffron

Today’s Remedy – If you perform abhishek of Lord Shiva, all your tasks will be completed after leaving home.

Today’s Capricorn Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Capricorns will travel to another city for business reasons. By expressing your views in the family will disturb the family peace. Do not be angry with the children, be positive. By listening to a financially educated person while investing, you will definitely get financial benefits. Your impatience and use of wrong words are putting your love life in trouble. Control your addiction.

Status: Today, Capricorns will travel on a business trip to another city, which could positively impact their social status. Engaging in business activities and expanding their professional network enhances their reputation and visibility in the business community.

Relationship: Capricorns’ impatience and use of wrong words may create trouble in their love life. It’s essential to communicate effectively and respectfully with their partners to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Career: When investing, Capricorns should seek advice from economically knowledgeable individuals. Listening to experts’ guidance and making informed investment decisions can lead to financial benefits and stability for their family’s future.

Family: Capricorns are advised not to get angry with their children and should maintain a positive attitude. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment at home, they can encourage their children’s growth and development while promoting family unity. 

Health: Capricorns are encouraged to control their addiction, whether it be to substances, habits, or behaviors. In addition to promoting overall health and well-being, treating addictions supports a fulfilling and balanced life.

Today’s Lucky Number – 15. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Brown

Today’s Remedy – Do not let dirty water gets collected in the house, clean it for sure, the negativity of the house will go away.

Today’s Aquarius Horoscope (12th February 2024)

AQUARIUS Horoscope

Today, Aquarians will bring about a big change in their business success by making a new change in their business. Teaming up with some energetic people will benefit you in the future. The family atmosphere will be filled with happiness and peace. Do not invest in high-profit schemes or lend money to anyone on interest. You will feel happy with your lover. People who are willing to go abroad will face some problem due to which their visit will be cancelled. Treat joint pain with herbal remedies.

Status: Today, Aquarians will make a significant change in their business, which could positively impact their social status. By adopting new strategies or making innovative changes, they may gain recognition and respect in their professional community.

Relationship: Aquarians will experience happiness with their partners today, resulting in a sense of joy and fulfillment in their relationship. Spending quality time together strengthens their bond and deepens their connection.

Career: Teaming up with ambitious individuals today can lead to future benefits. Support and encouragement can be achieved through collaboration with others who share your values and goals.

Family: The family atmosphere will be joyful and peaceful for Aquarians today, creating a supportive environment at home. Spending quality time with family members strengthens their relationships and enhances overall well-being.

Health: Herbal treatments can help reduce joint pain and improve your overall health and well-being.

Today’s Lucky Number – 5. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Turquoise.

Today’s Remedy – You should not consume food and water during the Shani Hora, it is very important for your progress.

Today’s Pisces Horoscope (12th February 2024)


Today, Pisces will not be able to do any work on time, due to which mental stress will increase. You will be successful in getting new contracts by using your communication skills. There will be an atmosphere of happiness due to the arrival of guests at home. Taking a medical insurance policy will save tax. Today you will review your portfolio. You will party with your love partner in the evening. Mental problems can be caused by a friend in the evening.

Status: Today, Pisces may experience difficulty completing tasks on time, leading to increased mental stress. This could affect their social status as others may see them as dishonest or inefficient. It’s important for Pisces to manage their time effectively and communicate any challenges they face to maintain their reputation.

Relationship: In the evening, Pisces will enjoy a party with their love partner, which can bring joy and relaxation. It’s important for Pisces to prioritize their mental well-being and address any issues that arise with support from loved ones.

Career: Using their communication skills, Pisces will successfully secure new contracts today. This achievement can enhance their professional reputation and contribute to future career opportunities.

Family: The arrival of guests at home will create a joyful atmosphere for Pisces and their family. This positive environment creates stronger family bonds and promotes happiness and harmony in the house.

Health: Take care of your health by doing meditation and taking your meals properly. Dont let anyone disturb your mental health. 

Today’s Lucky Number – 3. 

Today’s Lucky Color – Grey

Today’s Remedy – Mixing cow’s milk in the bathing water and taking a bath from it will increase financial success.