Horoscope Today: June 23 2024

Let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how 23 June today’s horoscope is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

Everyone wishes to know their Horoscope Today for the day. In this regard, the renowned astrologer Acharya Dev brings Horoscope Today for you.

Today is Ashadh month Krishna Paksha Tithi Dwitiya, day is Sunday, Nakshatra Purvashadha, Yoga Brahma, Karan Taitul and then Gar.

Today’s auspicious time will be from 11:56 AM to 12:51 PM and inauspicious time will be from 05:37 PM to 07:21 PM.

Horoscope Today June 23 2024 includes predictions about career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, love life, and the events that may unfold throughout the day. Additionally, there are remedies suggested based on your zodiac sign in this daily horoscope. 

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Read the Horoscope today 23 June 2024 for all zodiac signs.

First of all, let us know about Horoscope Today of Aries.

Horoscope today

Aries Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Today’s Horoscope for Aries says that you will train your employees. People who wish to work abroad are likely to get a chance. Some people’s visas will come today. Peace and harmony should be restored at home.

Sit with the children and pay attention to their studies. You can do any partnership work today. You will make meaningful efforts today to strengthen the love bond. You may be obsessed with being thin. People will get guidance from your suggestions.

Today’s Lucky Number – 26

Today’s Lucky Colour – Saffron

Today’s Remedy – Donate Onyx.

Taurus Today's Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Also, today’s Horoscope for Taurus says that you will find it a bit difficult to handle arrogant people at the workplace. Failure to trust natural instincts will harm your personality. You will try your best to solve family problems.

Students will have to work hard on the old subject. Your expenses will increase more in the evening today. You may face indifference in love, which may make you stressed. Do not forget to give priority to social life.

Today’s Lucky Number – 3

Today’s Lucky Colour – Purple

Today’s Remedy – Offer oleander flowers to God.

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Today’s Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Prepare yourself to face tough competition at your workplace today. Change your behaviour or else your children will not share any personal things with you.

Also, today’s Horoscope for Gemini says that students should pay more attention to studies and should not enjoy the day off. You can invest in new business, there will be financial benefits in future. Sit together today and develop mutual trust and understanding to strengthen your love relationship.

Minimise the amount of fat in your diet otherwise it can make you a victim of obesity. Keep yourself busy with some creative work of your interest.

Today’s Lucky Number – 6

Today’s Lucky Colour – Coffee

Today’s Remedy – Donate salt in the storehouse.

Cancer Today's Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

By working in coordination with colleagues, you will be able to achieve the set goals on time. Controlling anger at home will be in everyone’s interest.

Students studying should choose the subject according to their interest. One has to be very cautious while giving or taking loans otherwise there is a high possibility of financial loss. Removing all misunderstandings with your partner will be your only objective today.

Also, today’s Horoscope for Cancer says that resort to yoga exercises to get mental relaxation. Some friends may try to mislead you by giving wrong information.

Today’s Lucky Number – 14

Today’s Lucky Colour – Yellow

Today’s Remedy– Wear clothes of mixed colour with yellow.

Today’s Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Today you will make this saying true that one is stronger than the other. At home, you will need to keep a tight control on your tongue. Students studying should not watch too many entertainment scenes. 

This causes a lot of distraction in the mind. This will have a negative effect on studies. This evening, you will go for a walk with the family in the shopping mall where you will also do some shopping. 

Also, today’s Horoscope for Leo says that since love is directly related to the heart, the consent of both the partners is required to travel the journey of love. Keeping anger in mind can be harmful. So keep a distance from it. Today you are likely to be socially active.

Today’s Lucky Number – 2

Today’s Lucky Colour – Saffron

Today’s Remedy – Donate a copper plate full of sesame seeds.

Virgo Today's Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

On achieving the goal, you will be successful in fulfilling your professional ambitions. Also, today’s Horoscope for Virgo says that attending a family get-together will bring immense happiness.

Competitive students will have to take a speed test. Money can be used better by curbing unnecessary expenses. Spending time with your love partner will give you both relaxation and pleasure. You should go cycling to improve your health. Your helpful nature will encourage you to help people in distress.

Today’s Lucky Number – 7

Today’s Lucky Colour – Purple

Today’s Remedy – Donate jaggery.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Continuous hard work at the workplace will yield good results. Spending some happy time with children will bring happiness. Students should make a career in fashion designing. Your mind will be attracted towards investing in real estate.

Also, Horoscope today for Libra says that you should use your mind and try to be realistic in your love relationships. If you put your mind towards spirituality, mental problems will go away. Failure to express your true feelings can lead to unnecessary arguments and conflicts.

Today’s Lucky Number – 2

Today’s Lucky Colour – Pink

Today’s Remedy – Donate sugar and turmeric.

Scorpio Today's Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Horoscope today for Scorpio says that you will feel some obstacles at the workplace. Some financial loss is seen in business. Family responsibilities are likely to increase today. Students studying will fill the form for some examinations. Disputed property seems to be settled.

You will need some initiative to get a favourable response in your love life. Some people may face lower back pain. Appreciating others will strengthen the relationship.

Today’s Lucky Number – 17

Today’s Lucky Colour – Orange

Today’s Remedy – Offer red lotus to your Ishta Devta.

Sagittarius Today's Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

It will be necessary to manage time wisely for excessive workload. Understanding the feelings of parents and looking at things from their point of view will help you achieve positive results.

Horoscope today for Sagittarius says that wasteful thoughts will run in the minds of students studying today, which will disrupt studies. Success in completing important projects on time will give good returns. You will enjoy love by planning a walk and having meals together. A happy state of mind will bring mental peace. Your helpful nature will get you a lot of appreciation.

Today’s Lucky Number – 16

Today’s Lucky Colour – Cream

Today’s Remedy – Donate ghee.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Managers should assess the strengths and weaknesses of their organisation. Parents’ health needs immediate attention today. Even a little negligence can prove to be dangerous in the long run.

Horoscope today for Capricorn says that anger will disrupt your studies. Income is likely to improve today as compared to yesterday but at the same time expenses are also likely to increase. Enjoying a meeting with your love partner is indicated.

Mental alertness will help you solve a complicated problem. Youth should work in the right direction.

Today’s Lucky Number – 5

Today’s Lucky Colour – Green

Today’s Remedy – Donate black urad.

Aquarius Today's Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Develop quick decision making ability to deal with any business uncertainty today. You have to keep a tight control on your generous behaviour otherwise you may get cheated.

Students studying will need a good counsellor. Horoscope today for Aquarius says that be careful while lending money or any item as there is a possibility that you will not get it back.

Remember: Love is a serious business and one should always try to keep it alive and vibrant. With a positive attitude and confidence, you will be successful in impressing people around you.

Today’s Lucky Number – 5

Today’s Lucky Colour – Red

Today’s Remedy (aaj ka upay) – Donate mustard oil.

Horoscope today

Pisces Horoscope Today: June 23, 2024

Businessmen will have to travel to expand their business. Personal achievements are likely to bring happiness at home. Today you will be more lazy. Due to this, you will not feel like studying.

Monetary situation will definitely move towards betterment. This day is full of happiness and joy for lovers. You are likely to have health problems due to lack of physical activities.

Horoscope today for Pisces says that the desire to work on your own will make you successful. Today’s circumstances may force you to take your decisions with your heart rather than your mind.

Today’s Lucky Number – 8

Today’s Lucky Colour – Chocolate

Today’s Remedy – Offer Jatawala coconut in the temple.

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