Do Gemstones have the power to change your life?

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in life? You seem to do everything right but luck never seems to be in your favour? Well, Gemstones might be the tool you need. 

Gemstones: Throughout centuries, gemstones have been revered as a great source of power. Various ancient civilizations, including ours, recognized its true benefits. They might look like ordinary pretty crystals, but they hold the key to unlock higher frequencies and vibrations. They help a person tap into higher dimensions and manifest various things they want in life. 

Let’s find out more about gemstones and their powers from our Acharya Dev ji.

The Healing Effect of Gemstones

Gemstones are widely believed to have life-changing healing benefits. When used right, these ordinary looking crystals can transform your physical health. Lets take a look at some of the popular crystals and their healing benefits. Below is the list of healing crystals and gemstones


These purple crystals are known to have many health benefits. They are especially good for people suffering from anxiety, mood swings, addictions or depression. They are also known to bring strength, courage and peace. Also, they are known to bring a calming presence with them.


They are known to have a bluish-white sheen and are especially good for women. They are known to promote balance and stability. Travellers have been using it since ages to bring safety and good luck. They also relieve anxiety and depression.


This gemstone is usually seen white in colour but there are multiple colour variations of a pearl. They are said to bring balance and stability. They create a positive mindset for the person who wears it. Traditional Asian medicine uses pearls to treat digestive issues, fertility problems, and heart conditions.

Rose Quartz

This special crystal is famous for healing heartaches. Its calming energy is said to reduce anxiety and promote self-love.These crystals, alongside looking pretty, are perfect crystals of people who are going through rough patches in their life.


Amber is fossilised tree resin, which is known for its golden yellow colour. This special gemstone has the healing power to cure headache and stress. People also believe that it helps in cleansing and healing, easing pain and illness.

Scientific benefits of Gemstones

Gemstones have been recently discovered to have great benefits even by the scientific community. Day by day, there is a growing body of researchers scientists that firmly believe in the healing power of Gemstones and Crystals.

Formed under intense heat and pressure, gemstones get their colours from trace elements.

Inspired by colour therapy, gemstones are believed to channel the energy of colours

Different colours like green, red, and blue are thought to influence the body and mind.

Planetary Alignment Theory:

Gemstones act like prisms, receiving rays from planets.

Each stone absorbs a specific frequency associated with a planet (e.g., ruby with the Sun).

Wearing a gemstone supposedly connects you to the planet’s energies.


Do Gemstones Really Work?

The effects of gemstones can vary greatly depending on the person.Some people believe gemstones work by matching our energy levels and balancing chakras.Gemstones may amplify existing energies and help you focus your intentions.

Benefits of gemstones according to astrology

According to astrology and Ayurveda, gemstones hold a great power over a person’s characteristics and destiny. They are often used to pacify or mitigate several defects in a person’s birth chart. In astrology, they are associated with a particular planet. The planet is different according to different people.

Ruby (Sun): Ruby promotes prosperity, concentration and an increased mental power. It also Balances vata and kapha but may elevate pitta. It should be worn on the ring finger.

Pearl (Moon): Pearl provides a cooling effect on the body, calms the mind, and mitigates all doshas. It is good for pitta. A person should wear a pearl necklace or drink pearl water for increased benefits.

Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter): Jupiter is known to bring groundedness, stability, wisdom. Sapphire strengthens the heart, lungs, and kidneys. It balances vata and pitta but it might increase kapha. It needs to be on the index finger.

Blue Sapphire (Saturn): Blue Sapphire  enlightenments the mind, calms vata and kapha, strengthens muscles and bones. People should wear it on the right middle finger in a silver setting (avoid diamonds with it).

Emerald (Mercury): Mercury attracts prosperity and spiritual awakening. It calms the nervous system and improves communication skills. It is also known to balance vata and pitta. People should wear it on the little finger in a gold setting.

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