Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024: Know the Ashadha Gupt Navratri Date and Time, Significance and Mantras

Let us know in this blog about Gupt Navratri and its significance in hindu religion. We will also know the Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024, date and time, and Maa Durga mantra.

Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024: Jai Maa Durga! Ashadha Gupt Navratri is on it’s way. Silence, peace, and worship is what Gupt Navratri brings to its devotees.

There’s a main Navratri most people know about, but Gupt Navratri is more like the secret form where devotees take blessings from Maa Durga in the secretive way. This is a more private ritual focused on worshipping different aspects of the divine.

The most important thing is to celebrate with a kind heart and ask Durga Maa to bless you. Remember, whether it’s a big celebration or a secret one, Navratri is a time to connect with something special and feel strong inside!

Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024. its date, time,and importance are what we are going to cover in this blog. Along with these, know the Maa Durga Mantras.

Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024

Navratri is an important festival in hindu beliefs. Maa Durga is worshipped in nine various forms throughout this occasion. Mata Durga is also seen as an Maa Durga is adored on Ashadha Gupt Navratri, as she is on all other Navratris, but in secrecy. Tantrism is quite valuable these days. The meditation or prayers conducted at this time are intended to eliminate all horoscope faults.

What all forms of Maa Durga says about? Let’s discuss in detail.

DayForm of Goddess Durga

Shailputri: The first form, symbolising innocence and purity.

Brahmancharini: Representing knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual discipline.

Chandraghanta: Goddess who has a crescent moon in her crown.

Kushmanda: One who created the Universe.

Skandamata: Mother who is full of love and energy

Katyayani: Goddess who is full of power and the one who kills the evil. 

Kaalratri: Goddess of the dark.

Mahagauri: The one filled with peace and harmony. 

Siddhidatri: The one who is great. 

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Name of PujaTemple (Place)
Rin Mukti PujaRin Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple (Ujjain)
Mata Kamakhya MahapujaMata Kamakhya Shakti Peeth (Guwahati)
Shani Sade SatiShani Shingnapur Devsthanam ,Maharashtra
Shri Lakshmi Kuber Mahayagya Aur RudrabhishekJageshwar Kuber Mandir,Almora, Uttrakhand
Rahu Grah Shanti PujaJarkutinatheshwar Mahadev Temple,Prayagraj
Sundarkand Path with Anup JalotaAyodhya Dham,Uttar Pradesh

Ashadha Gupt Navratri Dates 2024 (Ashadha Gupt Navratri Date and Time)

This year, Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024 will begin from 6th July 2024 and will remain till 16th July 2024. Ashadha Gupt Navratri Time is mentioned below.

Sunrise TimeJuly 06, 05:50 AM.
Sunset TimeJuly 06, 07:12 PM.
Pratipada Tithi TimingJuly 06, 04:27 AM till July 07, 04:26 AM
Abhijit Muhurat TimeJuly 06, 12:05 PM till 12:58 PM
Ghatasthapana MuhurtaJuly 06, 05:50 AM till 10:18 AM

Why is Gupt Navratri Special? (Importance Of Gupt Navratri)

For people who worship Durga, this Gupt Navratri is particularly important. “Gupt” means “secret,” and unlike the other Navratris, people worship Durga in a more private way during this time.

Believe it or not, this Gupt Navratri was once a secret known only to a select few – the accomplished spiritual seekers and wise sages of ancient India. They called themselves “Sadhaks,” and during this hidden Navratri, they believed performing special rituals for Durga would make their spiritual practices even stronger. 

These “Sadhaks” practiced a special kind of worship called “Tantric Sadhana” during Gupt Navratri. It involved rituals and chants to connect with ten powerful goddesses known as the “Dus Mahavidya.” 

The Ten Mahavidyas: 10 Super Powers of Maa Durga

The ancient text “Brihat Dharma Purana” tells a story about how these ten forms of the goddess appeared when Lord Shiva’s wife Sati wanted to attend a sacrifice her father was holding. When Shiva tried to stop her, her anger transformed her into the fierce Kali, who then multiplied into ten powerful goddesses, ultimately allowing Sati to attend the sacrifice.

Each Mahavidya has a unique meaning and represents an essential truth that a spiritual seeker must understand to awaken their inner power. They are like various paths which leads to a single goal that is, to the enlightening part of a human mind. 


Maa Durga Mantra

“Sarva Mangala Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadhike

Saranye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute”

Maa Durga Devi Stuti

“Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, shanti rupena sangsthita

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, shakti rupena sangsthita

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, matri rupena sangsthita

Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu, buddhi rupena sangsthita

Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaha’‘

Maa Durga Dhyan Mantra

”Om jataa jut samaayuktamardhendu krit lakshnam

Lochanyatra sanyuktam padmendu sadya shan naam”

Durga Shatru Shanti Mantra 

“Ripavah sankshayam yaanti kalyaanam chop padyate 

Nandate cha kulam punsaam maahaatmyam mam srinu yaanmam”

Maa Durga Shakti Mantra

“Sharnaagat deenaart paritraan paraayaney, servasyarti harey devi naaraayani namostutey |

sarvasvaroopey sarveshey sarvshakti samanvietey, bhayebhyah traahi no devi durge devi namostutey |

Rogaan shoshaan pahansitushtarushtatu kaamaan saklaan bhishtaan, tvaam aashritaanaam na vipannaraanam, tvaamaashritaahya shraytaam prayaanti |

sarva badha prashmanan trailokya syakhileshwari, evamevmev tvayaa kaaryam sma dveri vinaashnam |

Sarvaa baadha vinirumk to dhan dhaanya sutaan vitah. manushyo mat prasaaden bhavishyati na sansha yah |

Dehi saubhaagyam aarogyam dehi devi param sukham.

rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahi |

Jyanti mangalaa kaali bhadra kaali kapaalinee durgaa kshamaa shivaa dhaatree swaahaa svadhaa namo stutey ||

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ashadha Gupta Navratri?

Secret because the word Gupt in Gupt navratri means secret. Durga Maa has nine different forms, each with special powers!

Why is Gupt Navratri called Gupt?

During the ancient times, saints and devotees used to keep gupt navratri to secretly pray to Maa durga and her nine forms. That’s the reason we call Gupt Navratri as Gupt.

Who is the Goddess of Gupt Navratri?

We worship Maa Durga and her nine forms during Gupt Navratri.

What to do in Gupt Navratri 2024?

Mysterious, the core message is simple: Durga, the powerful goddess, can bless us with strength, wisdom, and guidance on our life’s journey. Whether you celebrate Gupt Navratri in a private way or join a larger celebration during the main Navratris, the spirit of devotion and seeking blessings from Durga remains the same.

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