27th February 2024, Today’s Horoscope: Read your horoscope on VAMA

The renowned astrologer Acharya Dev brings 27th february today's horoscope for you.

[Today’s Horoscope, 27th February 2024]:  Everyone wishes to know their horoscope for the day. In this regard, the renowned astrologer Acharya Dev brings today’s horoscope for you.

Today’s horoscope includes predictions about career, business, health, relationships with family and friends, love life, and the events that may unfold throughout the day. Additionally, there are remedies suggested based on your zodiac sign.

Today is the third day of the waning phase of the Falgun month. The day is Tuesday, and the Nakshatra is hasta until 7:33 AM. The Yoga is Shool until 4:25 PM, and the Karana is Vanij until 12:35 PM. The auspicious time for today is from 11:49 AM to 12:35 PM, and the inauspicious time will be from 3:06 PM to 4:32 PM.

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So, let’s hear from the renowned astrologer, Dr. Acharya Dev, and find out how 27th February today’s horoscope is expected to be for all zodiac signs.

Today’s Aries Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today, you will showcase expertise in your past knowledge. Discussions about your knowledge will take place in various fields. There is a possibility of financial gains through the stock market, gambling, or real estate. Purchasing land in the name of the mother may bring special benefits. Sudden health issues of a family member could be a cause of concern for you. There are chances of a long-distance journey.

Status: Today, your social status may see an improvement as you showcase expertise in your past knowledge. Engage in discussions that highlight your skills and knowledge in various fields.

Relationship: Your focus today might be more on career and financial matters rather than love relationships. However, ensure you communicate with your partner about your commitments and plans.

Career: Your past knowledge and expertise will be recognized in your career today. Financial gains are possible, especially through investments like the stock market, gambling, or real estate. Stay proactive and seize opportunities.

Family: Consider purchasing land in the name of your mother, as it may bring special benefits to your family. However, sudden health issues of a family member could be a concern, requiring your attention and support.

Health: Take care of your well-being amidst your busy day. Also, there’s a chance of a long-distance journey, so ensure you maintain your health and energy levels for the trip.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Yellow

Today’s Lucky Number: 1

Today’s Remedy: Perform worship of Lord Vishnu.

Today’s Taurus Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today, you will be filled with energy. Spend the day indulging in entertainment to keep the mind lively. With the help of a brother, you may receive support from a female friend. New opportunities will arise in the professional field. Those involved in private businesses will witness progress today.

Status: Your social status may see a positive boost today as you showcase expertise in your past knowledge. Discussions about your knowledge will take place in various fields, enhancing your reputation.

Relationship: The overall positive energy may contribute to a harmonious atmosphere in your personal relationships.

Career: There are indications of success in the career or professional front. Those in the study field may receive praise, and there’s a chance of promotion. 

Family: Family matters seem stable, but sudden health issues for a family member could be a cause of concern. Spending time with family is advised to maintain a positive environment.

Health: Maintaining a balanced and stress-free lifestyle is recommended, especially considering the concern for a family member’s health.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Black

Today’s Lucky Number: 10

Today’s Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa.

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Today’s Gemini Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Academic professionals will receive recognition and praise today. There is a possibility of promotion in your academic or professional pursuits. Be cautious about potential rivals or competitors that may cause concern. Gaining respect and prestige among peers can come through judicious financial spending. Changes in the professional sphere are likely, and those involved in politics may receive special honours.

Status: Today is favourable for individuals associated with the academic field, as they will receive recognition and praise for their expertise.

Relationship: Love relationships may face some challenges due to potential competition or rivalry. It is advisable to handle any concerns or issues with open communication and understanding.

Career: A positive day for your career, where promotions and advancements are possible, particularly in the academic or professional realm.

Family: Family matters may be influenced by financial decisions, and prudent spending can enhance your standing within the family. 

Health: It’s important to be mindful of the well-being of a family member. Take necessary precautions and seek medical advice if needed. 

Today’s Lucky Colour: Green

Today’s Lucky Number: 2

Today’s Remedy: Perform 19 circumambulations around a peepal tree.

Today’s Cancer Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Going abroad is becoming a possibility for younger siblings. You may also benefit from their fortunes. There is a chance of conflicts in romantic relationships, and ongoing partnership matters may become complicated, so proceed with caution. Keep control over anger, as there might be deception from someone. Health issues related to the stomach and the possibility of headaches may arise until the day ends.

Status: The possibility of younger siblings going abroad suggests positive developments in your social status. This could enhance your image and bring favourable attention to your family.

Relationship: There is a possibility of conflicts or misunderstandings in love relationships today. Issues may arise, particularly in ongoing partnerships. 

Career: Focusing on maintaining a balanced and controlled approach to work may help in navigating any potential challenges.

Family: The prediction mentions the possibility of your younger siblings going abroad, bringing opportunities and benefits.

Health: Health concerns related to the stomach are indicated, and there may be the possibility of headaches. It’s recommended to be mindful of your well-being and take precautions against stomach-related issues.

Today’s Lucky Colour: White

Today’s Lucky Number: 3

Today’s Remedy: Feed ants.

Today’s Leo Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today, you will prevail over adversaries. Your influence will bring you respect and prestige. Your sweet speech will be discussed everywhere, but it may lead to a dispute with your wife. Disputes related to land will resolve. There is a possibility of watery eyes or some form of infection.

Status: Today, you will dominate over adversaries, leading to the attainment of respect and social prestige. Your influence will bring you recognition and elevated status.

Relationship: While your sweet speech will be appreciated by others, there might be a dispute with your spouse due to your words. It’s important to communicate openly and resolve any conflicts to maintain harmony in your relationship.

Career: Your influential presence can positively impact your professional standing, possibly leading to honour and advancement in your career. Focus on leveraging your communication skills for professional success.

Family: Resolving disputes related to land or property within the family is likely today. Use your influence to bring about a peaceful resolution to any conflicts, ensuring family unity.

Health: Be cautious about health issues, especially related to the eyes. The possibility of watery eyes or infections suggests taking preventive measures for eye health.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Today’s Lucky Number: 6

Today’s Remedy: Chant the Sundarakanda.

Today’s Virgo Horoscope (27th February 2024)

The day will be quite dynamic for Virgo individuals. Students will achieve success in their exams. There may be some auspicious news from the maternal side. If there is someone in the family suffering from an illness, pay special attention as it could worsen.

Status: The day suggests that your social status may experience some positive changes. Your influence and reputation are likely to increase, and people around you may acknowledge your accomplishments. 

Relationship: In the realm of love relationships, the day indicates some dynamism. For Virgo individuals, there might be success in academic or intellectual pursuits, and this could positively impact your romantic life. 

Career: Career-wise, the day brings opportunities for students to succeed in their exams. There may be favourable news or developments related to educational pursuits. 

Family: The family aspect of the day highlights the need for special attention to the health of a family member.

Health: The health aspect of the day warns about the possibility of health issues related to the eyes or infections. 

Today’s Lucky Colour: Slate

Today’s Lucky Number: 3

Today’s Remedy: Feed flour to fish

Today’s Libra Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today, Libra individuals may receive favourable news from abroad. If you were anticipating a foreign trip, today might bring an opportunity for it. There could be possibilities related to purchasing land or assets. It is suggested to give a gift to your children today, as their mental well-being may not be stable. Your life partner may engage in insightful conversations with you today.

Status: Today indicates favourable news related to foreign connections. If you are planning a trip abroad, it may meet with success. It’s a good time to contemplate improvements in your social status.

Relationship: Your life partner may engage in insightful conversations with you today, fostering sweetness in your relationship.

Career: In the career sector, you may encounter fortunate circumstances. If you are considering purchasing property or assets, today could be an opportune time.

Family: There is a possibility of your children receiving gifts today, bringing them joy. However, be attentive to their mental well-being.

Health: You may have an opportunity for intellectual growth with your life partner today. Additionally, the remedy suggests pressing red chilies into the ground for favourable results.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Black

Today’s Lucky Number: 10

Today’s Remedy: Press red chilies into the ground.

Today’s Scorpio Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today, Scorpio natives will experience an increase in their courage. New relationships may be established. There could be some health issues related to the mother, and if she has a skin condition, it may worsen. The focus of the children may shift more towards sports and extracurricular activities. Don’t worry; changes will occur in due time.

Status: For Scorpio individuals in terms of social status, there may be an increase in your courage today. This could positively impact how you are perceived in social circles. 

Relationship: In the realm of love relationships, there might be positive developments. The day could bring opportunities for strengthening existing bonds or even establishing new connections. 

Career: Career-wise, Scorpios may experience an enhancement in their bravery and performance. Parakram (valour) is highlighted, suggesting that you might excel in your professional endeavours. 

Family: Family matters may be influenced by potential health issues related to the mother. It’s advised to pay special attention to her well-being.

Health: Healthwise, Scorpios should be cautious about potential skin issues, especially for the mother. If there is an existing skin condition, it may worsen. 

Today’s Lucky Colour: Green

Today’s Lucky Number: 1

Today’s Remedy for Today: Flow whole green gram in flowing water.

Today’s Sagittarius Horoscope (27th February 2024)

In Sagittarius individuals’ families, there could be a celebration today. The marriage of a brother might keep you quite occupied. In the evening, there might be a bit of concern. Your knowledge will boost your self-confidence, bringing progress and prestige in the professional arena. Avoid displaying restlessness in the workplace.

Status: In terms of social status, Sagittarius individuals may find themselves involved in a family celebration today. This event could enhance their social standing as they actively participate in family affairs. 

Relationship: Someone close might share positive news. Handle work-related stress wisely to maintain harmony in your relationship. 

Career: Sagittarius individuals can expect positive developments in their career today. Their knowledge and expertise will contribute to increased self-confidence. 

Family: The family aspect emphasises the celebration within Sagittarius individuals’ families, possibly related to a brother’s marriage. This family event could bring both joy and a sense of busyness. 

Health: Amidst the various engagements and celebrations, Sagittarius individuals should ensure they maintain a balance and take care of their well-being to avoid any health issues.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Yellow

Today’s Lucky Number: 2

Today’s Remedy: Arrange a meal for the sick people.

Today’s Capricorn Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Capricorn individuals, today you will be filled with energy, and your vitality will be reflected in your nature. It’s important to control any anger. Today, you may get an opportunity to take on a leadership role, and you might even be appointed as a team leader. There is potential for promotion in the workplace. In the evening, there could be conflicts within the family. Your words may contribute to arguments. 

Status: Today, there is an opportunity for Capricorn individuals to showcase leadership qualities and enhance their social status. Taking on a leadership role may contribute positively to your social standing.

Relationship: It’s important to control anger in your love relationship today. There might be conflicts or arguments in the evening, so maintaining a calm and understanding approach is advisable. 

Career: Capricorns may receive a chance for leadership and promotion in the career field. Energy and vitality are high, making it a favourable time to take on additional responsibilities.

Family: Conflicts within the family may arise in the evening. It’s essential to handle family matters with patience and understanding. 

Health: Maintaining control over anger is not only beneficial for relationships but also for overall health. High energy levels provide an opportunity for leadership, but it’s essential to keep a check on stress levels and prioritise mental well-being.

Today’s Lucky Colour: White

Today’s Lucky Number: 4

Today’s Remedy: Offer arghya to the sun.

Today’s Aquarius Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Aquarius individuals may feel a bit lazy today. Your communication skills have the ability to get work done from others. The impact of your words will lead to the attainment of fame and success. There is a possibility of a long-distance journey. Rise early before sunrise and engage in yoga.

Status: Your communication skills and influential words will contribute to enhancing your social status. Your ability to get work done from others will earn you respect and recognition.

Relationship: Your communication skills might play a role in your relationship dynamics. Keep an open and honest dialogue with your partner.

Career: Your impactful words and communication skills will contribute to progress and prestige in your professional life. There’s a chance of leadership opportunities or even a promotion. 

Family: There may be some conflicts or disagreements in the family during the evening. Your words might contribute to or ease the tensions, so be cautious with your communication at home.

Health: Engaging in yoga, especially in the morning before sunrise, can have positive effects on your overall well-being.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Blue

Today’s Lucky Number: 2

Today’s Remedy: Offer a pen as a gift to your mentor.

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Today’s Pisces Horoscope (27th February 2024)

Today will be spent skillfully for Pisces individuals. Avoid making significant decisions. Seek advice from elders before proceeding with any major tasks. Follow the elder’s guidance Consider seeking advice before making important decisions. There is a possibility of benefits from foreign connections. Gains in the stock market are also possible.

Status: You will spend your day skillfully today. Avoid making significant decisions today. Seek advice from elders before making any major decisions.

Relationship: Today promises a fortunate and successful day ahead, which can positively impact your love relationship. You may find harmony and joy in your romantic endeavours.

Career: Today, consider seeking advice or guidance from experienced individuals or authorities before making important decisions in your career. Foreign collaborations or investments may bring benefits. 

Family: It’s advised to spend time with your friends and family, and a trip with them could be on the cards.

Health: Taking care of your health is essential to make the most of your time. Ensure you maintain a balance between work and relaxation to promote overall well-being.

Today’s Lucky Colour: Yellow

Today’s Lucky Number: 1

Today’s Remedy: Feed roti to a cow.

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